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Research Methodologies


HOW DO YOU throw a brick through the window of a bank?

An Artist Who Only Participates in Group Exhibitions

The Ruined Map

Echos of an Unverifiable World

Purple Kiss

Dear Abliz (ئابلىز)

Octopus in Drag

Margins and Identities

The Margins of Theory

The Margins of Language

The Margins of Empire

The Margins of Time

The Margins of Diaspora

The Margins of Gender

The Margins of Ethnicity

The Margins of Culture




Hito Steyerl

Post-colonial, Post-Soviet, Post-Earth

Feminism, Queerness

The Material Kinship Reader

Sex Ecologies

Erotic Writing

Mushishi Analysis

The Against Nature Journal

Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire

YWY, Searching for a Character between Future Worlds

Vampires in Space

Tabita Rezaire

Heather Davis

Sara Ahmed

  • Becoming Straight (queer phenomenology)
  • The Feminist Killjoy Handbook

Sophie Lewis

A Syllabus on Transgender and Nonbinary Methods for Art and Art History

Paul B. Preciado

  • Manifiesto contrasexual
  • Testo yonqui
  • Un apartamento en Urano.
  • Dysphoria Mundi
  • Preciado write articles for:;
  • Anal Politics

Pedro Neves Marques

  • YWY, Searching for a Character between Future Worlds
  • notes

Donna Haraway

Elvia Wilk

Antke Engel + Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz


Mel Y. Chen + Candice Lin

  • Animacies notes

Carlos Motta

Zairong Xiang

Zhengbo, Daoism, Ecology

Glitch Feminism

Adham Faramawy

Queering the Narrative