Post-colonial, Post-Soviet, Post-Earth

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How do we define 'post-colonial' or 'post-Soviet' scholarship?

Yuk Hui, What Begins After the End of the Enlightenment?

Hidetaka Ishida × Yuk Hui × Hiroki Azuma "Is a Post-European Philosophy of/in Technology Possible? "

Aleksandr Dugin - Transhumanism

Red-Black Thread - Slavs and Tatars


Achille Mbembe

Cybernetics for the 21st Century? Or Ontology and Politics of Information in the First Cybernetics

Fukuyama, End of History update

States of Emergency (Climate Leviathan)

Science in China

Fem / Tech

Object-Oriented Feminism-University of Minnesota Press (2016)

An Interrupted Postcolonial:Feminist Cyberethnography

Smelik, Anneke(Editor) - Bits of Life_ Feminism at the Intersections of Media, Bioscience, and Technology-University of Washington Press (2008)

Irina Aristarkhova - Hospitality of the Matrix_ Philosophy, Biomedicine, and Culture-Columbia University Press (2012)

Browne, Simone - Dark matters_ on the surveillance of blackness-Duke University Press (2015)

Aspirational Entropy: On Post-Soviet Cyberfeminism & the Geo-political Freeze Frame - Bogna M. Konior

Post-Soviet Cyberfeminism: On Cybernetic Governance / Lecture by Bogna Konior

Alla Mitrofanova

Wiktoria Cukt

Black Circuit: Code for the Numbers to Come - Amy Ireland

Feminism, Technology, and Systems 2: Infrastructures

Velicu, Irina. "(An) other part of the Fall? Stories of anonymous women in (post-) communism." Genre and the (Post-) Communist Woman. Routledge (2014): 79-93. Gajiala, Radhika.

Gore Capitalism

Senft, Theresa M. Camgirls: Celebrity and community in the age of social networks. Vol. 4. Peter Lang, 2008.


The Black Stack - Benjamin H. Bratton

Vertical Atlas

The village that built its own wi-fi network - BBC Africa

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Journal of African Media Studies, Intellect Books


Asian Futurism and the Non-Other

Where Next? Imagining the Dawn of the ‘Chinese century’


Decolonize this place

Digital Earth

Art and Technology in Poland

Olesya Turkina and Victor Mazin. "Inhetween Space and Cosmos: From Religion to Science Fiction. Russian Cosmology." Cabinet, 2004.