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When we are born, what is the difference between the mouth and the anus? Why can we only see the mouth, but not the anus? Why can't we see the anus of the city? The anus of the boss and the victor? How do we remember our anus

except when we defecate? Were you born into a white heterosexual family and did you never ask your dad if he had an anus? Your mother? Your brother? Did it matter even less if

your sister had one? It's the start of a new day. Is your dad going to play field hockey with his male friends? Is your mom going to work in media and advertising as usual? Are Coca-Cola and chocolate bars

your teenage sister's favorites? Are you going to school to learn language communication? Is all the history, revolution, leftism, and feminism you learned in the book

erased their anus? Can the anus speak like a mouth? Is it possible to keep the anus in our writing?