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Pornographic images: The violence of images?

Gender violence against sex worker?

how the body modify digital space?Li Shuang?

How to use the archive? feel the presence of my body using images and editing

Political violence

emotional drift



Notion of care

Politics of images

The importance of Glitch (Glitch Feminism)

Three presences:

Andere (shaman), B, Z

As Venus shines brightest in the sky,

Homo sapiens struggle to survive on a dying Earth

that increasingly resembles the toxic atmosphere of Venus,

dreaming of flourishing again by mutating into post-humans.

Shaman Andere performs rituals to

allow endangered sea anemones to invade human bodies

Andere (shaman) :

Welcome all the new world workers, masturbate!

To make the walls sing.

To dance, to laugh, to celebrate!

no heterosexual tightly closed doors here,

only a multidimensional space

without any bony edges,

There is no subject here,

we are left to our uninterrupted passions,

we love a pulsating life,

that tingles and swells,

only with a bio-port that

to eat and excrete,

eternally sinking and rising,

a longing, never be silenced,

metamorphose and reproduce with light energy,

into the peach-blossoming night forest,

the endless poisonous purple mists,

we begin to grow fluid,

making our stretching skin bleed,

mixed with our menstrual blood, pre-cum, saliva, urine,

succulent, toxic humans,

translucent tentacles,

dissolving in the environment,

fragile, sickly, somnambulistic, and clingy,

paradise is rotting,

our fates look at us,

long since lost our sights,

back before language,

tentacles cling to each other,

no longer distinguish each other's shapes,

the universe is promiscuous,

desire is blind,

swing to the disco with the darkness of the cosmic dimension,

we no longer fear,

breathing is reproductive,

it births the atmosphere,

shit is reproductive,

it births the atmosphere,

dying is reproductive,

it births the atmosphere.


I am destined to disappear,


destined to perish in another.

put this moment in the can,

I love you,

for ten thousand years.


Never am I alone.

Many who lived before me

and made efforts before me

were weaving


on my being.

And if I now sit down beside you

and quietly say: I suffered

do you hear?

who knows,

who is murmuring