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Research Methodologies

Session 1

Session 2



Text on Practice


HOW DO YOU throw a brick through the window of a bank?

keywords: youth, nothingness, liminality, boredom, solidarity, images and vulnerability, agency of non-human, justice-to-come

An Artist Who Only Participates in Group Exhibitions

keywords: the anarchist state of nature, revolution, liminality, communism, noise, parasite, the ontology of avant-garde (Amy Ireland, Michel Serre)

The Ruined Map

keywords: liminality, the orgasmic force, transitions, cultural appropriation, imagined Western, epistemology of impotence, masculinity, intimacy with the machine, self-commodification and weakening of Social Bond, the commodification of the other

Echos of an Unverifiable World

keywords: images and music and sounds, political avant-garde and aesthetic avant-garde, youth, love, eternity, the politics of idealism/communism, justice-to-come, telepathy

Sea Anemone/ Anus Utopia/ The Peach Blossom Spring


What is “Japan” to white queers?

Chinese Medicine

Margins and Identities: Sinophone Literature and Cultural Production

The Margins of Theory (finished)

The Margins of Language (finished)

The Margins of Empire

The Margins of Time

The Margins of Diaspora

The Margins of Gender (finished)

The Margins of Ethnicity

The Margins of Culture (finished)

Howard Chiang

  1. After Eunuchs
  2. Transtopia in the Sinophone Pacific

Reading List: Homosexual Literature and Inter-Asia (trans)Culture

Queering the Narrative

Yinyang, Transdualism

Postcolonial Astrology

Astrology is a science fiction

Horoscope Writing as Art

My Dancing Body and East Asian Perception




Phenomenology of Dance

Body in Modern China

Go Beyond the Essay Film

“end of semiotics” (Leone, 2015)

media philosophy, Luciana Parisi (2012)

the notion of objects (algorithms) operating at the heart of cybernetic architectures, which generate a logic that is abstract and infinite, and lie beyond direct human cognition and control.

Walter Mignolo’s decolonial critique of visual hegemony (1995)

Maurizio Lazzarato’s “Video philosophy” (1996).

Feminist/Queer Theory

Donna Haraway


Paul Preciado


Guy Hocquenghem

The Screwball Asses

homosexual desire

Mel Y. Chen

Sophie Lewis

Full Surrogacy Now

Sex/Queer Ecology

Female, Mysticism, Love, and Boundaries

Elvia Wilk


Indigenous futures, Apocalypse

Pedro Neves Marques
Eduardo Viveiros de Castro


The Invisible Committee


Zapatista Army of National Liberation

Baedon 01

Baedon 02

Transgender and Nonbinary Methods

Anti-Orientalist Queer

Queer diaspora/against diaspora

Post-colonial, Post-Soviet, Post-Earth

Bogna Konior


Walt Whitman

René Char

Comte de Lautréamont

Yves Bonnefoy

Reading List


Luke Fowler

Maya Deren

Kenneth Anger

Cyprien Gaillard Nightlife

Cyprien Gaillard Cities of Gold and Mirrors

Fern Silva