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Welcome to the wiki of the Experimental Publishing (XPUB) and Lens-Based Media Masters at the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy. This wiki reflects the day to day workings of the course and is dynamic and Construction.gif in-process. For a more stable overview of these two Masters of Arts in Fine Art and Design, please visit:
- LB:

Pointer.gif Calendar
Students - past & present, and links to work
Helpdesk - How to, where to, ... - answers
Handbook for non-EU students
Materials - WIP / Where to find stuff in NL 🤔😭🤯😳

Links for all Lens-Based students
Lens-Based Core Booklist
Photography Stores & Other Resources
Lens-Based Guests

EtherPad list - collective notes
the bootleg library
Cookbook - tasty code recipes
Helpdesk - how to: eduroam, printers, JSTOR, etc
Material at WdKA Rental
AV Equipment
Archive Protocol - How to archive work
XPPLunch - Lunch sharing
Financial protocols and student claim forms
The NeverEnding Publication Pad
Print Publication Launch Pad
Ham Distro Grand Central List

Modules Archive
Graduation work
Past Focus Groups
Thematic Projects
Group Crits
Reading, Writing & Research Methodologies
EYE Researchlabs Archive
Course Archive (2006-20016)
Complicating The Subject
Writing Through Editing
Decolonizing strategies towards an ethical gaze