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I'm doing some image sculptures and a video.

I want to print fanciful images and fractal images of a geometric structure with self-similarity of Hong Kong culture and queer culture on plastic and make them into the shape of an organ.

The video will be in between an experimental film and a Cantopop music video, explores the process of how homo sapiens evolve into posthumans through shamanism. The future of mankind depends on a shaman, Muyang.

On the day when Uranus shines brightest in the sky, Muyang performs a ceremony to transfer human souls into new human bodies. Homo sapiens struggle to survive in the cold Uranus. The last remaining humans are unable to reproduce as before and survive only by bioengineering a new generation of post-gender plant-human hybrids.


Chinese state media amplify Chinese nationalists who accuse LGBT groups of serving hostile foreign forces and corrupting young people. They use the same words to accuse Hong Kong people. Hong Kong culture started to decline after the return of Hong Kong to mainland China, so the sentiment of mainlanders towards Hong Kong culture is a nostalgic feeling. Hong Kong represents chaos, decline, and broken. Gender is vague in Hong Kong culture, many singers and actors support Hong Kong independence and they are LGBT, and most have been banned on the mainland. Many LGBT people in China are nostalgic for this culture.

I spend a lot of time listening to Cantopop, I often hide in a dark corner of the room and listen to Cantopop and groove to it. It is a way of perceiving my presence. I am a man of few words. I desperately want to connect with others, but I'm too timid. Hong Kong culture is spreading in a telepathic way in the hearts of people. It is different from the heterosexual genealogy. Because this telepathic transmission is different from heterosexual reproduction. So it has the potential to become a new sexual technology. I will invent a new human-nonhuman sexual technique to understand a porous body, and aim at the end of the social order predicated on phallocentrism.