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where are you going?

IG / visual diary

resources + inspiration

LB2 graduation seminar
thesis outline

thesis outline sketch / 28.09.2019
thesis outline draft v1 / 29.09.2019
thesis outline draft v2 / 15.10.2019
thesis outline draft v3 / 04.11.2019
thesis outline final / 21.11.2019

project proposal

gestures toward graduate project / 03.10.2019
project proposal sketch
project proposal opening lines
project proposal draft
project proposal draft v2 / 15.10.2019
project proposal draft v3 / 04.11.2019
project proposal final / 21.11.2019

annotated bibliography

annotated bibliography for thesis
synopses on texts


natasha tutorial I / 03.10.2019
natasha tutorial III / 08.11.2019


thesis cloud
journal entry I

self-directed research
materials wishlist
camera research
darkroom research
trim 1. b+w darkroom prints
trim 2. eye
trim 4. eye
trim 2. IFFR
colour theory
TU Delft
Art Machines – Joost Rekveld Workshop 17/18 May trim 1. risograph printing

LB1 methods research
notes on reading material
session one - three things - what / how / why
session two - self-directed methods
session three - synopsis + breakdown
session four - reading images
session five - double synopsis
session six - eye project logline & writing style
trim 3 session 1 - essay on method [draft]
trim 3 - essay on method [final draft]
essay: what does it take to make a contemplative practice?
annotated reader - the apparatus
other people's artist statements
pre-thesis cloud

LB1 thematic workshops
focal camera w/ mathijs van oosterhoudt
photobook w/ frits gierstberg
glitching w/ javi
vga hacking/signal bending workshop w/ jeroen rijnart