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A triple pendulum propelled to display chaotic behaviour.

A triple pendulum is propelled and moves in slow motion, its movements erratic and unpredictable.

A triple pendulum is propelled, it’s unpredictable movements an example of chaos theory visualised.

A triple pendulum’s movements captured in slow motion; chaos theory visualised.

A three-armed pendulum’s unpredictable movements captured in high speed; chaos theory visualised.


First = make a draft longline and synopsis

When propelled a triple pendulum’s movements are erratic and unpredictable and a simple way to observe chaotic behaviour. I have constructed a triple pendulum through careful observation of online videos and much trial and error, and captured footage of its movements in slow motion. The result is an attempt to capture the inherent beauty of chaos and the unpredictable nature of things.

A triple pendulum, a pendulum with three arms, a pendulum with three arms propelled to motion by a human arm.

David Lynch/absurdist/non-sensical

it’s moving quickly. it’s spinning out of control. gravity and propulsion. science and art. order and chaos. do you see it? it’s slowing down but it keeps going. time, space, mathematics, acrylic, steel and skateboard bearings. black, white, dynamic. i spin it again. slow motion/high speed. i can’t look away. the chaos is irresistible. i want it to go on forever.

personal letter

Dear …..,

I’m looking for a way to understand the way the world works, to find the underlying order in this chaotic world we live in. But maybe there is no order and my search is futile. Perhaps it is better to succumb to the notion that chaos and unpredictability is the natural order. But who can be sure?

I made a pendulum with three arms and propelled it to motion with my hand. When I push it lightly the movements are smooth and the pendulum’s gentle swaying eventually gives way to stagnation. When I propel the pendulum with more force its movements are violent, erratic and unpredictable. Within it’s violence lies a beauty; despite the lack of order there is a poetry inherent in this choreography. Do you think this is a metaphor for life itself?



scientific paper

Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics which focuses on the behaviour of dynamical systems which are sensitive to initial conditions. The theory was pioneered by Edward Lorenz in the 1960’s at MIT and is demonstrated in many natural systems, including climate and weather. It has applications in many scientific disciplines including meteorology, anthropology, physics, environmental science, computer science, economics, ecology and many more. A double-rod and triple-armed pendulum are two examples that demonstrate chaotic behaviour, where a slightly different set of initial conditions can wield highly unpredictable results. For this project a triple pendulum has been constructed and set in motion by hand. The results have been documented with the use of high speed camera through a circular polarising lens and played back in slow motion with a sound piece as soundtrack. Capturing the movements of a triple pendulum is one of the simplest way to demonstrate dynamical systems with chaotic solutions. [Citations needed]