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  • The Sublime is not a dirty word.
  • On non-criticality.
  • Light-Space-Time structures. (Light & Photomedia, Jai McKenzie)
  • Art has to be more than the every day. On Magic.
  • About me / Not about me. #personal #universal
  • Light. Time. Space. Elsewhere.
  • Veiling/Fragility
  • Slowness/Duration/Time/Endurance
  • A look at walking practices in art. #pedestrianism. #slowness #protest
  • Process (digital/analogue binary)
  • The role of abstraction
  • Non-human element
  • Journey & Place #thepersonal #theautobiographical
  • A note on the politics and privilege of my practice (privilege to travel, privilege to study, #whitemiddleclassfemale)


  • "Internal Reflection" #optics #contemplation

[journal entry September 2019]

The thesis can serve as a document where I observe my practice and try to decode it, deconstruct my motivations. There has been a way of shooting, a way of approaching image-making that came to me very naturally, without any intellectualisation of my motivations. I've been guided largely by intuition and have often been lead to feel that this is not the "correct" way to make art. There MUST always be intention...(or a narrow definition of intention)...this is not the case. In keeping true to the essence of my practice I am choosing to deconstruct after the fact... I don't think it's post-rationalisation... post-interrogation maybe.