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©SoniaMangiapane2017-07 01.jpg

reading images

road, trainline, coffin, submarine, sinking, high voltage fence, historical site, brutalistic intervention, post-apocalyptic.

A sense that the viewer is not welcome there (to the building).
There is a barrier.
The vegetation (disordered/unkept) stands in contrast to the building.
Seems like an abandoned building.
Makes one curious.
The sky makes it inaccessible.
The fence makes one ask “Are we inside or outside?”
You want to see the building, therefore you feel as though you are outside of the area that you want to see.
People struggled to understand how the space works (perhaps caused by the flattening of the projector) or the perspective/viewpoint of the camera.
Are we looking up or down, is the vegetation on a slope?

contemporary associations
The vast sky in the image made Jue think of Kinfolk magazine (a hipster mag).
Abandoned building photography (ruin porn?) (Ana)
Metahaven exhibition currently on at the Stedelijk Museum. A work featuring 3 screens and an airport runway decaying and overgrown.