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I used the Focal Camera workshop as an opportunity to explore and better understand the building blocks of photography. What are the bare minimum ingredients required in order to make a photographic image?

// Pinhole camera


// Pinhole Camera - First Outing! Shoot date: 15.10.2018

Findings: Damn this thing can take a wide angle shot!, sharper than expected, oops...there are my fingers, need to seal edges of in-camera mask to remove vertical strips close to edges.


// Pinhole Camera - 2nd roll. The Commute, Shoot date: 08.11.2018

©SoniaMangiapanePinhole2 1.jpg
©SoniaMangiapanePinhole2 2.jpg
©SoniaMangiapanePinhole2 3.jpg
©SoniaMangiapanePinhole2 4.jpg

Mini Camera Obscura (with option to change lenses and aperture)


Image on ground glass on Mini Camera Obscura