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main idea chaos theory +/or nonlinear systems in physics visualised (poetically).

end result a screensaver :-/

what is chaos theory
"pioneered by MIT’s Edward Lorenz in the 1960s, chaos theory holds that many macroscopic physical systems are so sensitive to initial conditions that, even though they can be described by a deterministic theory, they evolve in unpredictable ways. A weather-system model, for instance, might yield entirely different results if the wind speed at a particular location at a particular time is 10.01 mph or 10.02 mph." — source

double pendulum
triple pendulum
better triple pendulum

glow in the dark double pendulum
chaotic system demonstrators

keywords / other lines of inquiry
turbulence, circular (nonlinear?) polarisation, complex wave systems, screensaver, high speed capture, slow motion, optical science, physics, flow, fluid mechanics, fractals, butterfly effect...


prototyping & testing for construction of triple pendulum

©SoniaMangiapane Prototyping003.JPG

©SoniaMangiapane Prototyping001.JPG ©SoniaMangiapane Prototyping002.JPG

sexy lumetri scopes in premiere

©SoniaMangiapane lumetri01.JPG ©SoniaMangiapane lumetri02.JPG

tech specs
shot on Sony FS7 @ 24fps / 120fps

Interesting how a few people have commented that (although it wasn't my intention) it ties in with my other research interests. I'm starting to see a meditative or contemplative thread running through my work. An interest in exposing hidden systems, exposing the underlying code of physical, optical, scientific processes.