Networked Media Sampler

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Thematic Project Description

Historically the “embroidery sampler” was a piece of fabric used to practice one’s skills and record favorite patterns to be shared with others. Rather than a cohesive design, its surface was embellished with “samples” or small embroidered demonstrations of embellished letters from the alphabet and decorative stitchery, which were intended to show the proficiency of the maker and uniqueness of the handcrafted designs.

As a thematic project, the Networked Media Sampler takes this model as its starting point. Rather than a singular theme, it is a collection composed of a series of workshops, talks and presentations. Each element in the series is intended to highlight key areas of interest within networked culture and open source media practices. Through hands-on explorations and theoretical enquiry, the Networked Media Sampler will look at the contrast between closed and open systems. It will examine the limitations of the contemporary idea of the "Web", social media, and the so-called "Open Web". Next to this the project will look at models of network topologies and protocols, play with DIY approaches to building your own tools, and explore the dynamics of peer-to-peer exchange.

Keeping with the tradition of the sampler, this thematic project is a means of testing the surface of a very rich and complex tapestry whose texture is constituted through intertwining threads, nodes and rhizomatic turns.

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Maintain your plans, notes on lectures, and work documentation on the wiki. Planning and documentation allows you to track your progress, prioritize course work, and helps staff to coordinate support and feedback. Remember, never be wiki-shy! Poor.gif