A failed coup attempt with folk songs (Part V)

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Protocols and Data Bodies in a Culture of Sharing

Tuesday Nov. 29th 11:00 - 18:00

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tcpdump -i eth0 port 80 -w - | hd (or tcpdump -XXAi eth0 port 80)

The objective of the day is to acquaint everyone with the concept of anonymity both as a social and political strategy and technical concept.

The day will start by looking at the use of the concept of anonymity in different contexts: cultural artifacts, law, politics and activism. Then we will go on to look at how the concept has been translated into digital systems, who is for and against the different translations, and how all of this relates to concepts like privacy, data protection, identity and surveillance.

Finally, we will look at the prototype of a game in which the players simulate different versions of anonymous communication protocols. The game still requires much refining, which hopefully we have the opportunity to start doing in the afternoon.

ss -t 'sport = :http'

Seda Guerses is a researcher working in the group COSIC/ESAT at the Department of Electrical Engineering in K. U. Leuven, Belgium. She is interested in the topics of privacy technologies, participatory design, feminist critique of computer science, and online social networks. Seda is particularly excited about the topic of anonymity in technical as well as cultural contexts, the spectrum being anywhere between anonymous communications and anonymous folk songs.

Beyond her academic work, she also had the pleasure of collaborating with artistic initiatives including Constant vzw, Bootlab, De-center, ESC in Brussels, Graz and Berlin.


urlsnarf -i wlan0 bookmarks