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- yo mama's so studip, when the printer asked to put her pantone, she replied she prefers to go commando.
- yo mama's so stupid, she dressed s&m for a latex conference.

(typical fashion argument between non-free and free graphic designers)

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Club membership and special discounts

  • First year NM: mandatory
  • Second year NM: optional
  • All years LB: optional

Open Source Publishing

Open Source Publishing (OSP) is a graphic design collective. Closely affiliated with the Brussels based foundation for art and media Constant, OSP aims to explore the possibilities and realities of creating design, illustration, cartography and typography using a range of F/LOSS tools.

Since 2006, OSP investigates the potential of F/LOSS in a professional design context. Yet, they do not expect to find, or offer, the same experience as the one provided by the design and publishing industry. Instead, they are interested in experimenting with everything that "shows up in the cracks". In their work they try to be informed by programming culture and the novel models of collaboration and distribution that spring from it. Ultimately, OSP pushes for a more intimate and inquisitive relation to their toolset, and invite you to join them in the ever expanding realm of libre graphics.

Spoken Drawings

For the workshop at the PZI OSP will together with the students explore various forms of drawing collaboration made possible by libre tools. We will use several FLOSS tools, some of them created by OSP. These include a collaboration tool that connects Scribus typesetting to an IRC chat server, and Literal Draw, a programing environment to explore vector graphics many representations. . With these tools, we will focus around a dialog in the drawing, or rather around the drawing by the text.

We will also look into the differences between synchronous collaboration as enabled by real-time tools (analogue to drawing on a canvas together), and the asynchronous collaboration enabled by versioning systems such as Git (analogue to mail art).


Monday: 11.00 to 13.00

  • Eric, Sébastien, Pierre, Stephanie will start with a presentation of OSP works, focusing on Networked Graphics. Gijs joins us hopefully at 11.00 or a bit after.

Monday: 14.00 to 18.00

  • Introduction to the font format "UFO" and why we want to use it as an output for connecting drawings.
  • Decision with the whole group what to draw and what do we mean by "connections".
  • Short collaborative synchronous drawing sessions with Lazy Landscape.
  • Ludivine jumps in at 16h30, and then we start another session: centralized synchronous collaborative layout in Scribus through IRC.

Tuesday: 11.00 to 13.00

  • Asynchronous collaborative drawing in Literal Draw.

Tuesday: 14.00 to 18.00

  • Importing drawings in FontForge, taking advantage of the UFO format.
  • Typings things with the new font!

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