Based on a True Story

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Divers Faits


The e-traces project approaches Web 2.0 in the context of a society under an increasing electronic surveillance. It is articulated around 3 axes :

  • A website of information collected online (articles, links, files).
  • A game, Yoogle!, released in a beta version, which makes it possible to play the roles of the various actors involved in the market of personal data: users, companies, States, system administrators.
  • Workshops and presentations.

Guest of the Day

Nicolas Malevé (BE) is an artist, software programmer and data activist who lives between Brussels and Barcelona. He develops multimedia projects and web applications for and with cultural organisations. His current research is focused on cartography, information structures, metadata and the means to visually represent them.

Since 1998 Nicolas collaborates with Constant, a non-profit association, based and active in Brussels since 1997 in the fields of feminism, copyright alternatives and working through networks. Constant develops radio, electronic music and database projects by means of migrating from cultural work to work places and back again.


Monday 14th Nov - 11:00>13:00

  • Presentation by Nicolas around the e-traces project

Slides: Presentation-14-11-2011.pdf

Monday 14th Nov - 14:00>18:00

  • Break down in several 3-4 ppl groups
  • Select an e-traces story among a pre-selection and summarize it in a visual statement. The statement can take many forms, but the emphasis will be put on the immediacy, the direct access to the core arguments of the story.
  • Presentation to other groups and discussion.
  • Selection of an e-traces story (one per group). This story must be used to create a software running (on|off)line, a performance, a play, a song, and installation, a tweet flood, a GIF, etc. Use the material for a reenactment, a spin-off, tribute or critique of the content of the picked up story.
  • Each group present the selected story, why they chose it and how they intend to "implement" it.

Tuesday 15th Nov - 11:00>18:00

  • implementation and online documentation (wiki!)
  • group presentation
  • ???

suggested stories

Selection of links in English


Based on a True Story template

  • Source story
  • keywords
  • What is(are) the element(s) in the story that will be highlighted
  • One sentence to sum up the mini project
  • Draft (pictures, drawings, texts, sounds, etc)