Revisionism harms History

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Version control star trek style.jpg


  • a computer
  • a Internet
  • a lot of papers
  • a pen (your own)
  • a cookie (optional)

Club membership and special discounts

  • First year NM: mandatory
  • Second year NM: optional
  • All years LB: optional

Performing version control - 12:30 > 15: 00

With papers, pens and real people in the project room. (not like your imaginary internet friends).

Individual approach

  • ad-hoc manual file base collaboration
  • manual version control

centralized version control

  • playing the server and the clients client
  • commiting, revisions and tags
  • file locking, blaming
  • branching and forking

decentralized version control

  • everyone is a server! (and a client...)
  • local commitment is good for the community
  • merging and conflict solving

Hands on git - 15:30 > 18:00

  • Creating a local repository
  • ssh keys for everyone!
  • Using gitorious/github/bla
  • Puting in practice what we learn in the performance
  • Revisionism harms history
  • Life beyond decentralized version control
  • The dark side of the fork