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Current Work

Looking Back, Moving Forward (July 6, 2012)

During my time at Piet Zwart, I had one foot in my individual practice, and one foot in collaborations with various inspiring people. On the one hand, I wanted to expand the possibilities for composing, programming, publishing and disseminating my writing, while at the same time further exploring the improvisational nature of my performance practice. In both modes of production, I was looking for ways to distill moments of (mis)communication, establish unexpected connections between people, and meander in the raw, intriguing realms where analog and digital meet.

Over the course of two years, I wrote a series of poems and texts which were published both online and in printed form (Requited Journal, Armchair/Shotgun, Curbside Quotidian, Sniff, Scrape, Crawl), as well as taken up in a literature conference (Meeting at the Crossroads). In the first year, I laid out the ground work for the research that culminated in the text and publication "A Voyage of Discovery," which was part of Exception Handling, the final exhibition of our department at Tent.

In "Alternative Exhibition Experience," I combined my newly-acquired programming skills with map-making and live performance to produce a unique audience experience. With "Captain Tweet," I gave new life to an old captain's log by publishing it on Twitter line by line, as the five-month journey in the past unfolded itself for its new audience in the present. "Endless Love/Eternal Flame," a set of two record players stuck on the final groove of these two vinyl love songs, provided a great space for me to work with adding live sound to an exhibition space. Another main project was "Dear Phil Agre," a series of three letters to Philip E. Agre, a scientist who disappeared into the streets of Los Angeles in 2009, leaving behind a questioning, searching community of communication technology practitioners.

Collaboratively, I coordinated performances, exhibitions, readings, and other events through Under/Up the Stairs with Noe Kidder; worked on sound performances with Dave Young as the collective Bottle Dave & the Sliders; and coordinated three workshops, and online performances for 11:11:11 with Birgit Bachler.

Having written and produced smaller publications in the past, I knew it was time to grow into a larger edition. Over the past few months, this resulted in the production of "A Voyage of Discovery," a factional travelogue and reflective text on my journey the past year. Self-published in an edition of 300, each 44-page publication has its own, unique, full-color cover, folded around a black and white, mass printed booklet on off-white, biotop paper.

All in all, I've enjoyed my time with peers and tutors, and am looking forward to continuing to work in "the in-between," enriched by new skills and experiences.

A Voyage of Discovery

A Voyage of Discovery is the factional travelogue of my journey from the Philosophical Starting Port to the the Coast of Clarity, and round the expansive realms of the Mind. Captain Kybernetes, my childhood friend and excellent steersman of the HMS Project, accompanied me to previously known and unexplored locations to converse with various knowledgeable creatures.

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Under/Up the Stairs

Under/Up the Stairs is a temporary project and event space on staircases, organized by Inge Hoonte and Noe Kidder. In alternating venues, Under/Up investigates hiding/revealing, absence/presence, private/public. Embracing the transitory and in-between nature of these spaces, Under/Up aims to connect places and people, locally and remotely.

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Project & Research Outline, Sept 2011 - Jan 2012

Other Projects 2010-2012

Bottle Dave & the Sliders (sound performance)

11:11:11 (online performance)

2nd Year Seminar

1st Thematic: Build, Break & Broadcast

2nd Thematic: Sniff, Scrape, Crawl

3rd Thematic: History Will Repeat Itself

Essay: The Machines Are Restless Tonight...

"The act of programming a computer invokes a set of reading practices both in the literary and cultural sense."
-- Allucquere Rosanne Stone, Will the real body please stand up?, 1991

Assembled Writing: For Language to Program to Speak to Write


class notes

Electronics & Stocking

Digital Media Theory


Selection Previous Projects

I'll Miss You, Postcard (2010)

Art City Public Library (2010)

I was 28 in 1923, w/ Noe Kidder, Artist Book (2009)

Action Passing, w/Michelle Tupko, Performance (2008)
Action Passing Dance Move on flickr

Walkmandisco (2001/2002) is one of my earliest performance pieces.

What I do

Last night, I pressed the PAUSE button. I froze time for a split second.
I wandered through streets and living rooms, passing neighbors dozing off
on their stoop, future lovers right before their first kiss, a spark in
someone’s eye, and a little boy carrying a dog his own size around the
supermarket. I zoomed in to register the smallest detail. I guessed words
on lips and formed sentences of unfinished thoughts hanging in mid air.
I studied, I memorized, I remembered. I bit my lip, smiled, and looked away.
Then I pressed PLAY.

Combining real and imagined narratives, I document human interaction through observational writing, performance, photography, video, and sound. I investigate the space between people, and the attempt to connect with one another across this undetermined terrain: a constantly changing landscape amid physical, emotional, sociopolitical, and psychogeographical boundaries, among many other. Examining the play between reaching out and keeping one’s distance in both intimate and everyday relationships, I require myself, as well as participants and audience, to be playful and vulnerable, while embracing the unknown outcome when our paths collide.

Aiming to capture and elongate these rapid, fleeting intimate encounters, I am a dreamlike storyteller with a sense for timing, detail and architectural setting. Alongside a rigorous editing process, I carefully collage seemingly disparate information into a dense and rich construction, leaving space for the audience to insert themselves and form their own associative experience.

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