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Something to Begin With


Visual Nomads


Our visual environment is a complex net of signs, pictures and texts whose origins are hard to track. The references are constantly intersecting one another and appearances are traveling across the world. I regard picture as a proto-screen where the layering of visual material is being projected as the confrontation with the flood of images. I have been analysing how disparate elements are converging mostly through painting, collage and animation. I was interested in recycling in its physical as well as conceptual sense. On the other hand I often use found images from magazines, photos from the internet or reproductions of artworks and therefore deal with appropriation. The latter raises questions about authorship and originality and stimulates the examination of modern communication and reproducibility of images. Combining and manipulating the visual material results in a picture within a picture. Images are not isolated, but changeable entities that are constantly migrating – they are visual nomads.

Portfolio 2016 - 2018


1. The Focal Camera

2. the Photobook

3. EYE project 18/19

4. DIY Film in Filmwerkplaats

5. VR

6. Barricades 2020

Reading & Writing Methods

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Session 1 (20.9. 2018) short texts: What, how, why

Session 2 (17.10. 2018) interview: Self-directed methods

Session 3 (7.11. 2018) thesis: Synopsis, annotation, notes and argument

Session 4 (21.11. 2018) image: image analysis

Session 5 (5.12. 2018) synopsis and comparison: Second synopsis and comparative essay

Session 6 (7.1. 2019) exercises in style: Exercises in style (logline, synopsis)

Session 7 (23.1. 2019) description of my own work: FOCAL CAMERA & PHOTOBOOK

Session 8 (6.2. 2019) structure of a story: main workshop page with guidelines AND pad (abstraction of an existing story)

Individual Session (9) (19.2. 2019)second comparative essay: Krauss-Duchamp: The understanding of art, medium and creative act

Session 10 (6.3. 2019) Annotated Reader: BOARD behind the scenes: What is the Apparatus?, The black box - content of annotated reader

Session 12 (10.4. 2019) Draft of Text on Method Trim3 assessment slideshow (june 2019)

Session 13 or more (self-organised individual session, 26.5. 2019) Essay: Mia Paller: Few Thoughts on Drawing (Prospects)


Exhibitions and Presentations

City Traces (exhibition in Pivka, SI, 2019)

Photoupsets (exhibition in Kranj, SI, 2019)

Project Proposal 2019-20

Thesis 2019-20

Prototypes 2019-20





Captain's Log


Personal References