Mia/EYE project 18/19

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Radio that breaks and later turns itself into a vacuum cleaner:

One day, radio breaks down - Instead of playing music and news it plays memories, thoughts and

imaginary situations. This intensifies until it becomes mere noise, just as a vacuum cleaner, sucking

imagery and sounds from its surroundings.


radio/tv (more about an object than people)

interruption of the usual

chaos, confusion, thoughts, memories

personal vs. public

fragments from >>reality<<

metamorphosis from tv/radio to a vacuum cleaner

found footage, previous works, collage of different visual styles and contents

intensification and condensation until the complete chaos

possible endings: complete chaos / all is sucked into a vacuum cleaner (also the viewer) / everything goes back to normal

abstraction (little by little)


SOUND: mixed radio stations (a webpage where you can follow random stations - fragments of programs in real-time)

tv as a screen of a person's feelings/thoughts (as a person?)

machine as a neural system (analogy with wires, connections etc.)

which associations does the TV as an object bring to the surface (for you but also for other people?)




Link to a Russian animation from 1936 - The Returned Sun


starting points

short synopsis

The screen is dark. We hear the keys in the lock, the door opens with a screech. We hear the steps that approach. Suddenly, someone turns on the tv. Old screen lightens the space. Darkness again.

The same scene repeats two more times representing a daily routine. However, the third time, in the dark room, the TV turns on by itself unexpectedly with a short glitch. The same bug appears again so that a hand beats on the tv few times in attempt to fix it, until it turns off again.

The person takes a remote and turns the TV on to watch the news. Suddenly, the glitch appears again and even adjusting of the antenna only helps temporarily.

Tv programme actually becomes distorted and images start transforming into personal visual fragments, interrupted by abstract compositions.

Images begin to overlap - this intensifies by layering becoming more and more dense.

Layers fill the screen to complete darkness, the camera zooms out so that we see the TV transformed into a vacuum cleaner (black screen becomes the dark tube). Everything gets sucked in the vacuum cleaner, including ourselves...

other synopses (various styles)


1st preview - PART 1/3

First part when the TV breaks down is available on this YT link

The sound is temporary.

TVACUUM (work in progress) - screened at the EYE Filmmuseum

Final demo version of the whole animation with soundtrack made by Žiga Predin.



Opening scene draft 2 (video-only) password: testscreening


Closing scene draft 2 (video-only) password: testscreening


TO DO LIST (after EYE deadline)

Barend's suggestions on TVACUUM

Mia's motes on what needs to be done:

  • which software is suitable for making sound and having image at the same time?
  • synchronise sound and image
  • redraw and restructure the sound of the beginning (repetition shots) dark room or no audio?
  • textures (blacks and whites, backgrounds)
  • lazy sequences (zoom-ins, faux fix)
  • rethink (non)-linearity
  • consider collage - you work with it as your language or you omit it entirely
  • credits (in detail)
  • end transition to the vacuum cleaner (begin the sucking in the tv earlier and simultaneously slowly pull out to get a bigger picture)
  • things to keep: remote/tv shot, gradually getting closer (from wide shot to detail)
  • give it more space, more depth, more flesh (textures, light, sound)
  • ask in animation department for screen tablets