Mia/City Traces (exhibition in Pivka, SI, 2019)

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Short description

Hisa kulture v Pivki - exhibition text

Photos from the opening

Between 4. and 25. 10. 2019, my solo exhibition titled City Traces is (was) on show in Hiša kulture v Pivki (Pivka, SI), curated by Mojca Grmek.

video of the exhibition

The red thread of the setup was relation between drawing and photographic image. The space consists of three rooms: in the first one, I exhibited collage works on paper as the most literal and basic means of combining photography and drawing.

The passage to the second room was partially blocked by one of the prints of the Drawing-Camera pictures. I exhibited the selection of 5 photo-drawings, printed on fabric and hung in a corridor-like formation between the doors of the central room in the gallery which presented the Drawing-Camera project. The Drawing Camera itself was placed on a small pedestal on the side, so that visitors could have a closer look and insight in the process of making.

In the third room, photographic series Trace was presented, this time in a form of a wallpaper. Resembling a wall, covered in graffiti, it meant a transfer of the urban surfaces to the interior of the gallery space which is located in a small town in a rather rural area. Visitors themselves were encouraged to intervene (draw) on the wall which turned out to be an attractive element for the public.

Visitors' responses (in pointform)

  • positive feedback on collage works
  • familiar with this type of works from my previous practice
  • Why is it BW?
  • they found curtains intriguing
  • curious about the material, techniqe
  • Does the camera actually work? How?
  • Drawing Camera looks 'retro'
  • they like that image is visible from both sides, transparency
  • children enthusiastic about the Trace wallpaper
  • Photo-Drawings remind them of Japanese woodcus
  • landscapes

What needs to be changed/developed (short self-analysis)

Trace (3rd room)

  • wallpaper with pencils on the side does not evoke the same feeling and idea than the photobook, not spontaneous enough
  • wallpaper might work, but the setup should be different (leaving the traces unintentionally)
  • Possibly as the flooring (people walking over the so called artwork) - larger scale as the photobook
  • prints need to be better quality and glued on the wall better, to merge as much as they can with the gallery space

Risbaparat (2nd room)

  • curtains worked quite well
  • technically good solution with stretched cables
  • prints form a corridor (blocking and implying the passage at the same time)
  • installed diagonally but parallel to one another - enough space inbetween for the viewer, not completely closed
  • rhythm
  • they appear light and floating because of the movements in the room

Collage works (1st room)

  • tried out frameless presentation (that I was happy with)
  • repetition (within the works presented as well as close resemblance to my previous collages/paintings - is there anything new?!)