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notes about places, artworks, exhibitions,events

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October 2018

TENT (Rotterdam)

Pilar Mata Dupont: Only weeds emerge - Undesirable Bodies, Shuffle, The Ague, Credits

MIMA (Brussels)

Get up, stand up! an exhibition of protest and activist posters

Design Museum Gent

Opening of an exhibition Fibre-Fixed: Composites in design

Museum Voorlinden (Den Haag)

Rhapsody in Blue: Anish Kapoor, Ellsworth Kelly, A.R. Penck, Alain Biltereyst (small paintings w. geometrical compositions), Zoro Feigl (Night - rotating strip with bubbles)

Stage of Being: Thomas Struth, Anthony Gormley, Daniel Spoerri

Dave Meijer – Nulpunt the whole room with many small paintings, unfinished work, continuous, sketchbooks on display

Wayne Thiebaud

Nederlandse Fotomuseum (Rotterdam)

Dit is Cas (exhibition of Cas Oorthuys), concentrated on photo books, 'vintage prints' (first prints, made by an artist himself), quantity brings quality, organized system of storing pictures

Kunsthal Rotterdam

November 2018

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Metahaven: Earth I like the aesthetics (fragments from everyday life and digital culture, recognisable popular signs and symbols such as 'YouTube' in combination with more documentary-like shots), enjoyed watching videos, the way they approach the viewer is not aggressive but rather calm, concentrated; 3 channel video with people walking on an abandoned airstrip reminded me of my home village with similar nature (pine trees, yellowish grass) and the remains of military infrastructure

EYE Museum (Amsterdam)

Ryoji Ikeda

January 2019

IFFR 2019 - notes

February 2019


Kunsthal: Blackout (exhibition within IFFR) The exhibition of works presented with slide projectors, intensive sound and warmth in the space, sounds like being in a bee swarm. Many works address the concepts of memory, history, past and present. Images seem to have a velvet-like feel, sharp and soft at the same time. Very tactile. Title has layered meanings, which I like. Few works I like the most:

Floris Vanhoof: Fossil Locomotion: interesting way of animating still images with rather slow projector - use more of them! (4 projectors). At the same time the artist animates fossils that have been still for millennia ... flickering, moth-like movements.

Nguyen Trinh Thi: Landscape Series #1

http://vimeo.com/67903807 Open to interpretation - human pursuit of something unreachable or something not yet discovered, the need for something you cannot get, or urge to see something that is already gone or has not yet happened. Mysteriousness. humour (repetition of scene of people pointing at something that was supposed to be there in the lanscape). With repetition, usual journalist picture reveals people's behaviour as absurd, funny and pointless.

Raha Raissnia: Mneme


http://vimeo.com/234588123 An intriguing way to present paintings and drawings. Layering within the pictures' composition is echoed by the way of how they're projected: they appear on a thin membrane that works as a screen, but is stretched on a frame with some distance from the wall. Behind this membrane is a black surface that reminds me of fish scales or wet stone texture. Thus the images gain another layer - a play of projections and reflections, based on artist's paintings. The latter being relevant directly for my practice.

Aura Satz: Her Luminous Distance

Interactive - the viewer is invited to spin the disc that causes flickering and overlapping of the images that come from 2 projectors placed one on top of another. Still-image projection thus becomes a moving image, depending on the rhythm the viewer chooses. A hands-on presentation of distant worlds such as deep space ...

Kristina Benjocki: Sedimentation of Memory

White drawings on deep black background (wall, that looks like velvet), you notice that they are inverted (were probably pencil drawings and then she inverts black and white so that you have white shadows). Thus the motives they depict seem slightly unusual. They are scenes from war times, soldiers, generals, weapons, prison cells, but also remains of far history such as animal skeletons, marks and maps of the territories etc. Beautiful drawings that are sometimes constructed by tracing over the photographs and thus seem very flat, and other times they are very lively, more expressive. She projected them on the walls and cubes of limestone. Like a personal and historian's topography at the same time.

EYE Museum Amsterdam

Jan Švankmajer: The Alchemical Wedding

Favourite works:


1. Dimensions of Dialogue (1982)


2. Johann Sebastian Bach: Fantasia em Sol Menor (1965)

3. Food (1992)

4. The last trick (1964)

Last trick.jpg

Animation S&T 20.2.2019

>>Another great evening of conversation, thank you all for coming and contributing your knowledge, energy and opinions! Thank you especially to Dominick van der Hoff, Max Kowalski and Sophia Twigt for starting us down the rabbit holes. We talked about rotoscoping in anime and in general, different ways to do it and the motivation behind the choice. We talked about Xavier Renegade Angel and other intentionally 'ugly' or poorly animated, boundary-pushing comedy shows and we talked about animated shorts that span the spectrum from illustrated journalism to Animated Documentary Film – the one more literal and audio-dependent, and the other where the visuals and audio wouldn't work without each other. Our next event will be Tuesday, April 16th, get in touch to volunteer! Here is every LINK we looked at yesterday:<<

Dominick van der Hoff:

Controversial rotoscoping

Max Kowalski:

Sophia Twigt:

April 2019

4.4. 2019 Varia: The Network We (de)Served - (XPUB Special Issue #08)

9.4. 2019 Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (Rotterdam): netherlands ⇄ bauhaus - pioneers of a new world

  • official website
  • my 1st visit to Boijmans Museum (it will close soon due to major renovation works, the collection will be on display as guest exhibitions in several other museums in Rotterdam)
  • The exhibition as an overview of Bauhaus school but also artistic movements closely related to it (De Stijl)
  • paintings, drawings, interior design, architecture, product design
  • a lot of tea pots, lamps and chairs...
  • some interesting photographs
  • formalist questions: colour, texture, shape, form, composition
  • some works I like:


September 2019

6.9. 2019 Mylan Hoezen: Operating Manual for Floating in Space (Roodkapje, Rotterdam)

  • came without reading any text beforehand, did not know what to expect
  • a long performance (stayed for more than 1 hour and it was not over yet when I left)
  • text on the screen - titles of actions that performers did - felt like chapters
  • the big white rock as a totem
  • ritualistic atmosphere (sounds, breathing, singing, voices and movements are rhythmic)
  • humorous elements (sudden screams and quick steps in 'The explorer' formation)
  • 'The explorer' was my favourite action among the ones I saw (humorous, spontaneous, performers stood tightly next to each other with their eyes closed, they formed sort of an organism, as one body they were moving through the space with tiny quick steps, they held the wooden sticks away from their bodies as a kind of sensors for orientation in the space)
  • is it about: community, our relationships and interation, (human) beings, energy, interaction with the space, belief, orientation, future, essence of living creatures, acting together, strength, power
  • the day after, I read the text, which made things clearer (humorous irony)

8.9. 2019 Opening at Witte de With Centre for Contemporary art