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Federico or Poni who likes pigeons and purple and to unzip folders

Federico or Poni who doesn't like yellow and labor and php neither


Towards a cosmology for Rural Computing

Thesis wip

Just Here

Thesis Outline

Just here

Project Proposal

Just here



Yes, hackpact



Yes I will tidy and fill this...

  • Workshops soon:
    • Scrape the means of production @ Spread Zine Groningen (Yo Floor)
    • Speech-to-derive: the myth of natural language / with Kamo @ Roodkapje (Yo Louisa)
    • (N)P~(A)WP > Non-Permanent ~-Autonomous Words Processor ]]] / with Mika @ ZineCamp Rotterdam (Yo Floor, Kenny, Milo)
      • > Part2: Not-completely-fully automated {luxury} layouting %%

++Habitat stuff, I did different things there, like

  • Kinda Arte Povera's sculpture with Louisa (idk but it happened, very funny)
  • a nice zine with tesseract/tfidf/paged.js from a poems archive, iper- ozio % versi (in the library noew)
  • A Collective Portfolio Maker based on a wireless local network (RPI), PHP stuff (omg) + you can see the layouting already in the browser
  • Played a lot the violin with live electronics (put a piezo + reverb/delay and everything sounds good)

  • Publication @ greencubegallery, creation of a publication through data scraping (from food delivery services, contrast between bad reviews and glossy tasty pictures), going to be publish soon yeeeeee
  • praxis@RGBXYZ, Amsterdam 23rd sept
  • Developing a boardgame for the exhibition of Erik Peters with Louisa Milo and eheh

Ok it disn't happen but:

3rd Trim

Special Issue 15Radio Implicancies

First week

With Nami, sugar&sugar mixing ads

Second week

With Camilo, Pomiloni telegram chat of the class, scraped and analyzed with NLTK following the CCRU's numogram system as 'sequencer' we composed an audible concrete poet. Each xpubber had a generated sentence made with the most frequency words used in the past months

Third week

Caretaking with Isa GAN videostream with OBS on a PeerTube instance

// summary texts // what we did

Fourth week

Aymeric's PD workshop detourning story granulizer -> create new cosmos

Fifth week

WS with Angeliki Wireless Phone... Breaking voices, natural speech into speech synthesis... with Ken

Sixth week

IRL Manetta! Questioning about the meaning of "Knoweldge System" Flask

with Martin prototyping little audio JS app based on device spec



:( :( :(


  • analyze and 'resonate' [1](Terry Riley: A Rainbow in Curved Air) with the same logic of Femke's proposal; TOFIND sheetmusic and with CV get the notes (C4, D#3, Bb4 ...) or get them via FFT? Sounds very challengy :S
  • LIVE ELECTRONICS, performing with piano of wdka [2](resource) // probably will propose to Tisa to work together
  • [in prog] LIVE CODING, ORCA // VCV Rack // Tidal Cycles
  • RAP-ML, generate new rap songs (base+voice) to have a look onto the flow vs the meaning, language vs communication, etc (to fill)

2nd Trim

"So nice so good" (Louisa, 54:9, holy telegram chat)

I have read a loooot of theory, but I usually take note on paper

sorry i'm lazy

The first week I tried to take notes with [ Foam] but I feel for me it's better just go with the flow.
Or maybe I'm just lying with myself

Prototyping Times

This trimester I think I did a lot in facts of prototypes, maybe not a lot in XPUB itself but more outside -- thanks to XPUB.
I have to say I really didn't enjoy TIC80 for mainly the painful font of the software but also the aesthetic is something that doesn't belong to me. I played with a lot of other stuff and I tried to mix the tools up.
We have a retropie but atm just Camilo and I played.


Tools I particularly used in the second trimester

Lectures of the second trimester

We had very cool lectures, here a list of our pads:

And others but I've been quite lazy sometimes these months.

Special Issue 14

Situationist Manifesto on Foam:

SI manifesto on foam's graph

Theoretical line I tried to write:

Stuff that I don't know how to call: (a summary?)

Local networks as situations, situations as concrete building of ephemeral scenarios of life, local networks as ephemeral manifestations of interactions of life. The publishing process become a means for distributing (not-only) knowledge and the constitution of a public space of deliberation, where different points of social intersection could come across. Pleasure, intrigue and playfulness together in a "beautiful distribution" which embrace the site-specificness as a way to re-approach the way we share and assimilate contents. We aim to see the City as playground, or as a pinball table, hotspots as pinball elements (bumpers?)
People as balls of the pinball, their trajectory defined both by factors of randomness and control
How those people can inhabit the situations?
Our project is not an attempt to change the world but to suspend the meaning of time.
Like in a playground where people make tribes and socialise, our local networks are micro-cosmos to speculate ephemeral realities. We’re building hidden urban environments which dwell in our devices.
How encourage free play?
How let people interact between the networks? Is it necessary? Or are the networks independent micro world?
Camilo and I around Chinatown in Den Haag

Collective Contribution: I don't know where we're going, but...

Derive Escalation

As collective contributions I worked on:

About the hotspots

slkc dfv93ihv03be v03ikncfoeruhv0e3ivbprevb0r3ijvpvn fiejviepfjv0irhv3'irbh3iwn i0'rhv3

The trickiest part was to find the working driver for the dongles and mostly to not waste all the work for some mistake about the kernel. It was just so funny

Rpi in spinoza.jpg

About the interfaces

It was mostly dealing with dictionaries (now is a meme) and find out a map system which works. It happened two days after the launch.
Hotspot Interface (4th)
Web Interface
Martin and I disperated around Den Haag to update hotspots:


get coordinates through open street map

About the License

It's a modification of the original Situationist Times license.

Personal Contribution: PRAXIS


I evocated the sacred act of detournament and:
I worked on a DOOM's mod and a zine based on it:

For my MOD, I took inspiration from doomer and from the bar


In PRAXIS you have to fight the CEOs of the big tech corps in order to redistribute the source codes and the servers to create a decentralized world

spidazuck attacks


The year 2020.
The Big Tech Corps join forces to create a monopoly of services, centralizing all their servers.
Their political, social and economic power is bigger than the ones of any country...
It’s time to get their source code as well as the servers in order to redistribute them open source!
Join the force now!

To modify DOOM I used slade and DoomBuilder, the first mostly to add or modify the textures and the second one to build the map as a 3D software.


sudo reboot

1st Trim


Here there are the patches I created the first trimester. There is also a repo.

Tools I particularly used the first trimester

  • local jupyter-lab
  • NLTK
  • Pandoc
  • SCSS
  • P5.js
  • Pillow
  • WeasyPrint
  • DeepSpeech
  • and HTML, CSS, JS and Python, of course

Lectures of the first trimester

and other friends

The Free Software Song

Writing a License: First Attempt

This is a first attempt to write a license, with Camilo* , 🗂 Floor and Martin   .

XPUB - Words for the future Vol.2

General License

© 2020 XPUB

We are really happy that you are reading this, so please continue to read this short license you will be rewarded:


Any individual, group(s), non-profit organization(s) may morally use, modify, distribute the content of this work. We also encourage to translate the contents into other languages

User(s) may extend this license, as long as these initial conditions remain in force.
You are free to use, modify and republish the contents as long as you follow all of the conditions stated in the Obligations section of this license


Any re-publication of the contents must explicitly provide the name(s) of the original author(s). If you want to republish the contents, you must upload it on the *link/web/git* in order to keep track of the dialogue between all the re-publications.


Not for commercial use. Users must not remove this license from the work. No put in microwave, in IKEA bookshelves, in pink usb sticks.


This license remains active as long as the Internet exists.


Users recognise breach of the above terms may be sanctioned to the maximum extent applicable by Karma.[1]

[1] Karma is the name of my lawer

Thank you if you have finished to read it

Special Issue 13

Stickers from Contributions :)

So I guess we're dealing with it

Analyzing Words

Team: 🗂 Floor, Martin   , 🍭fə_erico [ Poni ]______

Words/publications to read/annotate from Words of the Future:

  1. TENSE PDF PAD Simon(e) van Saarloos
  2. Practical Vision PDFPAD Moses Kilolo
  3. Eco-Swaraj PDF PAD Ashish Kothari

Collective Contribution: Wor(l)ds for the Future

As collective contributions I worked on:

  • the license, with Euna and Nami
  • the communication, with Camilo and Floor
  • the web side, with Louisa
  • I pushed the stuff on the git: Michael revealed me the magic power
  • Documentation of the launch + photoshoot in studio with Naami

About the License

Licenses are lovely, I have to say. My favorite is the json one:

The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

So here it is the license

About the Communication

We had very nice dinners together deciding what to do for the launch etc.
And we watched a lot of videos of very old expired cans, after that we promised to ourselves to buy a fruit can and in 20years we'll meet and we'll open it.
Camilo and I, at Floor's Birthday, gifted her a lytchee can. Fun fact: was already expired since a few months.

About the web

Old index.png

  • we thought about a first version which attempted to resonate on the printed version of the repub, an interactive whiteboard that you could fill with more or less the same stuff of the printed version
    • Fortunately, Manetta pointed out some days before the launch that it didn't make sense
    • we agree and in 30minutes we prepared some sketches for the current web version:

New hypothetical not real landing page


In the World of Atata there is a lot of eco swaraj.
People, in the past, demandad for liquid and now
there is also an abundance of practical vision!
Also ?!, resurgence, tense and hope
have an important role on the well-being of this beautiful land.
Otherness and undecidability are the next goals to reach.

In the World of Resurgence there is a lot of undecidability.
People, in the past, demandad for tense and now
there is also an abundance of practical vision!
Also otherness, liquid, eco swaraj and atata
have an important role on the well-being of this beautiful land.
Hope and ?! are the next goals to reach.

At the end we used that logic but with a slightly different text asking people to choose certain words from their text.
And we wrote it in JavaScript.
And why not after all, why not copy paste here the code.

let NN = ["punctuation", "symbol", "conflict", "matter", "flux", "loop", "visibility", "multiplicity", "imagination", "democracy","darkness", "subjectivity", "reciprocity","corn", "water", "communities", "Kanye West", "cunt", "god", "language", "knowledge", "web", "ruins", "interdependence", "oneness", "identity", "values", "systems", "democracy"];

let VB = ["embrace", "flow", "combine", "reinterpret", "understand","perform", "dominate", "argue", "overuse", "express", "imagine", "perform", "coexist", "give", "receive", "reflect", "translate", "disseminate", "learn", "weave", "complicate", "demoralise", "experience", "expand", "dominate", "overuse", "express", "happen", "arrive", "submit", "self-govern", "reworld"];

let AC = ["boundless","political","pluralistic","accessible", "organic", "sublime", "imaginistic", "linguistic", "undecidable", "potential", "autonomous", "indigenous", "systemic", "reciprocal", "plural", "collective", "foreign", "unrelated", "suspicious", "other", "descriptive", "feminist", "alive", "ecologic", "harmonous"];

//main words
let NNP = ["liquid", "tense",];
var TS = ["?!", "atata", "resurgence", "hope", "practical vision", "otherness","undecidability","eco swaraj"]

function shuffleArray(inputArray){
    inputArray.sort(()=> Math.random() - 0.5);


var links = {
    "?!": "00/",
    "dominate" : "00/",
    "overuse" : "00/",
    "express" : "00/",
    "punctuation" : "00/",
    "symbol" : "00/",
    "conflict" : "00/",
    "political" : "00/",
    "imaginistic" : "00/",
    "linguistic" : "00/",
    "liquid": "LIQUID/",
    "flow": "LIQUID/",
    "combine": "LIQUID/",
    "reinterpret": "LIQUID/",
    "matter": "LIQUID/",
    "flux": "LIQUID/",
    "loop": "LIQUID/",
     "boundless": "LIQUID/",
    "organic": "LIQUID/",
    "sublime": "LIQUID/",
    "undecidability": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "visibility": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "multiplicity": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "imagination": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "imagine": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "perform": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "coexist": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "undecidable": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "potential": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "autonomous": "UNDECIDABILITY/",
    "hope": "HOPE/",
    "embrace": "HOPE/",
    "understand": "HOPE/",
    "argue": "HOPE/",
    "democracy": "HOPE/",
    "darkness": "HOPE/",
    "subjectivity": "HOPE/",
    "political": "HOPE/",
    "pluralistic": "HOPE/",
    "accessible": "HOPE/",
    "atata": "ATATA/",
    "give": "ATATA/",
    "receive": "ATATA/",
    "reflect": "ATATA/",
    "reciprocity": "ATATA/",
    "corn": "ATATA/",
    "water": "ATATA/",
    "indigenous": "ATATA/",
    "systemic": "ATATA/",
    "reciprocal": "ATATA/",
    "practical vision": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "translate": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "disseminate": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "learn": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "plural": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "collective": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "foreign": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "language": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "knowledge": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "web": "PRACTICAL_VISION/printing/",
    "otherness": "OTHERNESS/",
    "experience": "OTHERNESS/",
    "expand": "OTHERNESS/",
    "understand": "OTHERNESS/",
    "oneness": "OTHERNESS/",
    "identity": "OTHERNESS/",
    "values": "OTHERNESS/",
    "unrelated": "OTHERNESS/",
    "suspicious": "OTHERNESS/",
    "other": "OTHERNESS/",
    "tense": "TENSE/",
    "happen": "TENSE/",
    "arrive": "TENSE/",
    "submit": "TENSE/",
    "Kanye West": "TENSE/",
    "cunt": "TENSE/",
    "god": "TENSE/",
    "descriptive": "TENSE/",
    "feminist": "TENSE/",
    "alive": "TENSE/",
    "eco swaraj": "ECO-SWARAJ/",
    "ecologic": "ECO-SWARAJ/",
    "harmonous": "ECO-SWARAJ/",
    "political": "ECO-SWARAJ/",
    "self-govern": "ECO-SWARAJ/",
    "communities": "ECO-SWARAJ/",
    "systems": "ECO-SWARAJ/",
    "democracy": "ECO-SWARAJ/",
    "resurgence": "RESURGENCE/",
    "weave": "RESURGENCE/",
    "complicate": "RESURGENCE/",
    "demoralise": "RESURGENCE/",
    "ruins": "RESURGENCE/",
    "interdependece": "RESURGENCE/",    

var icons = {
    "?!": "M",
    "dominate" : "M",
    "overuse" : "M",
    "express" : "M",
    "punctuation" : "M",
    "symbol" : "M",
    "conflict" : "M",
    "political" : "M",
    "imaginistic" : "M",
    "linguistic" : "M",
    "liquid": "L",
    "flow": "L",
    "combine": "L",
    "reinterpret": "L",
    "matter": "L",
    "flux": "L",
    "loop": "L",
     "boundless": "L",
    "organic": "L",
    "sublime": "L",
    "undecidability": "U",
    "visibility": "U",
    "multiplicity": "U",
    "imagination": "U",
    "imagine": "U",
    "perform": "U",
    "coexist": "U",
    "undecidable": "U",
    "potential": "U",
    "autonomous": "U",
    "hope": "H",
    "embrace": "H",
    "understand": "H",
    "argue": "H",
    "democracy": "H",
    "darkness": "H",
    "subjectivity": "H",
    "political": "H",
    "pluralistic": "H",
    "accessible": "H",
    "atata": "A",
    "give": "A",
    "receive": "A",
    "reflect": "A",
    "reciprocity": "A",
    "corn": "A",
    "water": "A",
    "indigenous": "A",
    "systemic": "A",
    "reciprocal": "A",
    "practical vision": "P",
    "translate": "P",
    "disseminate": "P",
    "learn": "P",
    "plural": "P",
    "collective": "P",
    "foreign": "P",
    "language": "P",
    "knowledge": "P",
    "web": "P",
    "otherness": "O",
    "experience": "O",
    "expand": "O",
    "understand": "O",
    "oneness": "O",
    "identity": "O",
    "values": "O",
    "unrelated": "O",
    "suspicious": "O",
    "other": "O",
    "tense": "T",
    "happen": "T",
    "arrive": "T",
    "submit": "T",
    "Kanye West": "T",
    "cunt": "T",
    "god": "T",
    "descriptive": "T",
    "feminist": "T",
    "alive": "T",
    "eco swaraj": "E",
    "ecologic": "E",
    "harmonous": "E",
    "political": "E",
    "self-govern": "E",
    "communities": "E",
    "systems": "E",
    "democracy": "E",
    "resurgence": "R",
    "weave": "R",
    "complicate": "R",
    "demoralise": "R",
    "reworld": "R",
    "ruins": "R",
    "interdependece": "R",

let message = `In the <a2 onClick="window.location.reload();" id="future">future</a2>, the world could be full of <a class="${icons[TS[0]]}" target="_blank" href="${links[TS[0]]}">${TS[0]} <span class="${icons[TS[0]]}">${icons[TS[0]]}</span></a>.\n\

Beings could <a target="_blank" class="${icons[VB[0]]}" href="${links[VB[0]]}">${VB[0]} <span class="${icons[VB[0]]}">${icons[VB[0]]}</span></a> and <a target="_blank" class="${icons[VB[1]]}" href="${links[VB[1]]}">${VB[1]} <span class="${icons[VB[1]]}">${icons[VB[1]]}</span></a> in 

<a target="_blank" class="${icons[NNP[0]]}"href="${links[NNP[0]]}">${NNP[0]} <span class="${icons[NNP[0]]}">${icons[NNP[0]]}</span></a> <a target="_blank" class="${icons[NNP[1]]}" href="${links[NNP[1]]}">${NNP[1]} <span class="${icons[NNP[1]]}">${icons[NNP[1]]}</span></a>.\n\

The <a target="_blank" class="${icons[TS[2]]}" href="${links[TS[2]]}">${TS[2]} <span class="${icons[TS[2]]}">${icons[TS[2]]}</span></a> would no longer be <a target="_blank" class="${icons[AC[4]]}" href="${links[AC[4]]}">${AC[4]} <span class="${icons[AC[4]]}">${icons[AC[4]]}</span></a>, but 

<a target="_blank" class="${icons[AC[2]]}" href="${links[AC[2]]}">${AC[2]} <span class="${icons[AC[2]]}">${icons[AC[2]]}</span></a> and <a target="_blank" class="${icons[AC[5]]}" href="${links[AC[5]]}">${AC[5]} <span class="${icons[AC[5]]}">${icons[AC[5]]}</span></a>.\n\ 

Only with <a target="_blank" class="${icons[AC[3]]}" href="${links[AC[3]]}">${AC[3]} <span class="${icons[AC[3]]}">${icons[AC[3]]}</span></a> <a target="_blank" class="${icons[TS[3]]}" href="${links[TS[3]]}">${TS[3]} <span class="${icons[TS[3]]}">${icons[TS[3]]}</span></a>, there could finally be 

<a target="_blank" class="${icons[TS[4]]}" href="${links[TS[4]]}">${TS[4]} <span class="${icons[TS[4]]}">${icons[TS[4]]}</span></a>.\n\ 

Without <a target="_blank" class="${icons[TS[5]]}" href="${links[TS[5]]}">${TS[5]} <span class="${icons[TS[5]]}">${icons[TS[5]]}</span></a>, <a target="_blank" class="${icons[NNP[1]]}" href="${links[NNP[1]]}">${NNP[1]} <span class="${icons[NNP[1]]}">${icons[NNP[1]]}</span></a> <a target="_blank" class="${icons[TS[6]]}" href="${links[TS[6]]}">${TS[6]} <span class="${icons[TS[6]]}">${icons[TS[6]]}</span></a> could never <a  target="_blank" class="${icons[VB[3]]}" href="${links[VB[3]]}">${VB[3]} <span class="${icons[VB[3]]}">${icons[VB[3]]}</span></a>.\n\ 

This is why we have to <a target="_blank" class="${icons[VB[2]]}" href="${links[VB[2]]}">${VB[2]} <span class="${icons[VB[2]]}">${icons[VB[2]]}</span></a> for the <a target="_blank" class="${icons[TS[7]]}" href="${links[TS[7]]}">${TS[7]} <span class="${icons[TS[7]]}">${icons[TS[7]]}</span></a> in ever-changing <a  target="_blank" class="${icons[NN[0]]}" href="${links[NN[0]]}">${NN[0]} <span class="${icons[NN[0]]}">${icons[NN[0]]}</span></a>.`

document.querySelector('#showMessage').innerHTML = message

About the Git


About the Shooting


Personal Contribution: Practical Vision

I re-published the text Practical Vision.


  • Map Side:
    • Official Artistic Response's shapes are the elements for my map
    • Squares seem to like to move from the grid of the map
    • Think to more variables if colours allowed


  • Texts side:
    • In any case:
      • Telegram Dictionary Bot explanation [a bot created in order to store translated sentences in every language users wants] [maybe have a 'weekly sentence' to translate] [people can ask to the bot to discover a random translated sentence]
      • Original Text w/ arrows which link certain words to my thoughts on:
        • "PICTURE AS INTERFACE OF LANGUAGE" + M. Fisher about language capitalism non-heritage --> neo-colonialism
        • Touring, relationship language with stuff
        • F. Cramer, various kind of languages --> "computer language"
    • if w/ color:
      • Grammar Visualization
    • if w/out color:
      • Another Visualization?

For the republication, I used P5.js to generate hand-drawing style shapes in order to highlight the most important (for me) passage in the text.
Since the text is about the importance to deal also with not-western languages I asked to a Senegalese friend and to the author, some translations of Practical Vision in different African languages, and I think it pretty worked.


As personal contribution, I made an overview of possible links from the inner meaning of Practical Vision with the Complexity and hyperobjects.
The web version is an interactive map based on anchor links

I also made a telegram bot:

This Telegram BOT makes a crowd-sourced dictionary with your translations. 
You can add every word/sentence you want from English to be translated into any language!          

Technically speaking the bot works, it stores the dictionary in the sandbot but... is not a catchy tool. Maybe is not an urgent thing, nor a necessity. I also didn't really propose it to the public, honestly.
Firsts annotations:

Maybe you wanna know what I do

=Important= //Deprecated

A random picker for 'volunteers' from XPUB 2020/23

Download the file from here and store it in the home folder of your computer
Just open the terminal/cmd and digit: