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Special Issue is the new Trimester-ally released publication created by the XPub master's students. The publication allows us to explore workflows, collaboration, open source publication techniques, and investigate not only the individual themes of each editions, but also the definition of what is or can be a publication.

Below you can find a link to more detailed information of the process, notes, works in progress, articles and more.



#9 - Interfacing_the_law

#7 Special Issue: Life Hacks - trim 1 Start up, Burn out: Life Hacks


#6 Interfacing_the_law - trim 3

#5 OuNuPo - trim 2

#4 Autonomous_Archive - trim 1


#3 Interfacing_the_law - trim3 2016/2017

#2 Pushing_the_Score - trim2 2016/2017

#1 Op is Op - trim1 2016/2017