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Radio Implicancies

A special issue on doing techno-structures otherwise

If technological systems are implicated in the structuring of knowledge and knowledge systems are implicated in how technology operates … how do we start to think the world otherwise?!

This question triggered Radio Implicancies. It might sound impossibly abstract, but as you know, it is rooted in concrete concerns. From the way the Latin alphabet has become ubiquitous in human-machine interfaces to the naturalized alignment of computation with binary separations[1], mis-directed critiques on algorithmic racism[2], eco-solutionism immersed in technocapitalism[3], to the way that technological systems are soaked in colonial thought, if not practice…[4] We know that technology orients knowledge and constrains what world(s) can be thought, studied, imagined and critiqued. But where do we start when we want to do things differently?

Radio Implicancies invites you to experiment with propositions by feminist, non-binary, queer, anti-colonial and other disobedient researchers in response to this complex knot. Their resistant praxes widen the toolset for ‘thinking the world’ by paying attention to both matter and form. Their work considers feelings, intuitions, inventions, humour, diffractions and figurations in order to expand techno-epistomologies (technological knowledge systems) as well as their ontologies (ways to think about what technologies exists). They ask what non-exclusionary categories could do, or what other ways of calculating, validating, ordering collections of digital material could emerge. Of course none of the guests offers simple fixes to any of the issues on the table.

I borrowed the term “implicancies” from Denise Ferreira Da Silva and Arjuna Neumann. In their film ‘4 Waters: Deep Implicancy’, “implicancy” stands for entangled forms of responsibility that keep modern operations in place: extraction, disposession, segregation, externalisation and optimisation.[5] But “implicancy” is also a technical term used in propositional calculus, explained as ‘the hypothesis of an implication’. Without having much experience with this type of mathematical logic, to me it suggests the possibility of a paradigm shift, not just by external agents, but by the power of imagination. As Da Silva writes: ‘What will have to be relinquished for us to unleash the imagination’s radical creative capacity and draw from it what is needed for the task of thinking The World otherwise? Nothing short of a radical shift in how we approach matter and form.’[6]

Radio Implicancies starts in the middle. We'll experiments with (and think with) Structured Query Language (SQL), library standards, queer analytics, other catalogs, alternative orders, streaming protocols, various platforms, listening, recording, annotating. Let's take a deep breath and jump in to re-invent what it means to deal with implicancies and with being implicated.

How does this work

From April 13 onwards, there will be meetings throughout the week. Every week on Thursday we broadcast! We will rotate who is taking care of hosting and managing the broadcasts, and who will prepare materials for airing. In a way Issue #15 will be launched every week.

In addition to the materials brought in by Femke and guests, Manetta, Michael and Steve provide input, feedback and support for your ongoing technical and conceptual work through regular tutorials and on-line sessions. During prototyping and meetings we will build a set of materials, playlists, keywords, references, resources to be used for Radio Implicancies. Some guests will join to propose an exercise, a question, something to read or a discussion. Thursday mornings Femke will be available for individual or small group appointments, as needed.

On Thursday afternoons, Radio Implicancies broadcasts from 16:00-17:00. These public broadcasts are ongoing experiments with a specific subset of technological tools for sharing and formatting knowledge. Radio Implicancies will use any means necessary i.e. different protocols and editorial approaches: audio streaming, live-on-tape, DJ-ing, on-line reading groups, web-rtc, liquid soap, podcasts, xmpp chat, … This wiki supports communication, documentation and archiving of the broadcasts.

It looks like special issue #15 will take place on-line.

Issue #15 Pad Index




Tuesday 13 April

  • 14:00-17:00 Femke + Manetta: introduction!

Wednesday 14 April

  • 15:00-17:00 Prototyping: Michael


Thursday 15 April

  • Tutorials with Femke, 1 duo per slot / 20 minutes each
    • 10:00 Martin + Clara
    • 10:30 jacopo + CAMILO ??
    • 11:00 nami + federico (aka sugar_daddy)
    • 11:30 Floor + euna :~) <3
    • 12:00 louiSA + KENDAL
  • 14:00 Broadcast preparations (Femke + Manetta)
  • 16:00 Broadcast 1 (testing)



Monday 19 April

  • 10:00-13:00 Prototyping: Manetta
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Manetta (tutorials)


Tuesday 20 April

  • 10:00-13:00 Steve

  • 14:00-17:00 Femke

Wednesday 21 April

  • 10:00-13:00 Prototyping: Michael PAD
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Michael (tutorials)

Thursday 22 April:

  • 14:00 Broadcast preparations (Femke + ...)
  • 16:00 Broadcast 2

Study week

May Holidays



Monday 10 May

Tuesday 11 May

Wednesday 12 May

  • 10:00-13:00 Prototyping: Manetta
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Manetta (tutorials)


Thursday 13 May

  • 14:00 Broadcast preparations (Femke + ...)
  • 16:00 Broadcast 3



Monday 17 May

  • Prototyping: Aymeric, times t.b.c.

Tuesday 18 May

  • Prototyping: Aymeric, times t.b.c.

Wednesday 19 May

  • Prototyping: Aymeric, times t.b.c.

Thursday 20 May

  • 14:00 Broadcast preparations (Aymeric)
  • 16:00 Broadcast 4



Monday 24 May


Tuesday 25 May

  • 10:00-13:00 Group reading of Raymond Queneau’s Exercises in Style with Steve

File:Raymond Queneau Exercises in Style.pdf

Wednesday 26 May

  • 10:00-13:00 Prototyping: Michael
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Michael (tutorials)


Thursday 27 May

  • Tutorials with Femke (30m)
    • 10:30 Euna
    • 10:50 Martin & Euna
    • 11:30 Kendal
    • 12:10 matiàs / juan / sugar / federico
  • 14:00 Broadcast preparations (Femke)
  • 16:00 Broadcast 5



Caretakers + Broadcasters

Monday 31 May

  • 10:00-13:00 Prototyping: Manetta
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Manetta (tutorials)


Tuesday 1 June

  • 14:00-16:00 Plans for #15.6-8 and archiving with Femke

Tutorials with Femke (30m)

  • 16:30 clara
  • 17:10 euna
  • 17:50 ....
  • 18:30 ....

Wednesday 2 June

  • 10:00-13:00 Prototyping: Michael
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Michael (tutorials)

Thursday 3 June

Tutorials with Femke (30m)

  • 09:00 Martin
  • 10:10 Jacopo
  • 10:50 Camilo
  • 11:30 Nami
  • 12:10 Floor
  • 14:00 Broadcast preparations (Femke)
  • 16:00 Broadcast 6



Caretakers + Broadcasters

Monday 7 June

  • 11:00-13:00 Prototyping: Manetta
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Manetta (tutorials)


Tuesday 8 June

  • 11:00-13:00 Read-Write Catalog workshop (with Zoumana Meite and Martino Morandi)
  • 14:00-16:30 Read-Write Catalog workshop part II (with Zoumana Meite and Martino Morandi)

Wednesday 9 June

  • 10:00-13:00 Prototyping: Michael
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Michael (tutorials)


Thursday 10 June

  • 14:00 Broadcast preparations (Michael)
  • 16:00 Broadcast 7



Caretakers + Broadcasters

Monday 14 June

  • 10:00-13:00 Prototyping: Manetta
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Manetta (tutorials)

Tuesday 15 June

  • 11:00-12:00 Steve (review of the year- discussion about things that worked and did not work in Steve's class over the last year)
  • 13:00-17:00 Queer API Motto workshop (with Winnie Soon and Helen Pritchard)
  • 17:00-18:00 Preparations last broadcast

Wednesday 16 June

  • 10:00-13:00 Prototyping: Michael
  • 14:00-17:00 Prototyping: Michael (tutorials)


Thursday 17 June

  • 14:00 Broadcast preparations (Femke)
  • 16:00 Broadcast 8

Friday 18 June

  • 10:00-13:00 Wrapping-up (Femke + Aymeric)

Implicants, broadcasters and caretakers

Caretakers Page

Guests + contributors

Manetta Berends, Angeliki Diakrousi, Aymeric Mansoux, Zoumana Méïté, Martino Morandi, Michael Murtaugh, Helen Pritchard, Steve Rushton, Winnie Soon, Femke Snelting, ...



  1. Note alphabet
  2. Note fairness
  3. “I'm very pro-technology, but I belong to a crowd that is quite skeptical of the projects of what we might call the “techno-fix,” in part because of their profound immersion in technocapitalism and their disengagement from communities of practice.” Donna Haraway (2019), A Giant Bumptious Litter: Donna Haraway on Truth, Technology, and Resisting Extinction
  4. “It is not so much that computing has a colonial impulse, but rather —as decolonial thinkers might argue— it is colonial through and through.” Syed Mustafa Ali (2016), A brief introduction to decolonial computing
  5. Denise Ferreira Da Silva, Arjuna Neumann (2018), 4 Waters: Deep Implicancy
  6. Denise Fereira Da Silva (2016), On difference without separability

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