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In 2018, in collaboration with REDACTED and REDACTED Foundation, a small team of researchers was tasked with digitizing REDACTED'S small archive on REDACTED press ephemera from the REDACTED and REDACTED, the tail-end of the dictatorship of REDACTED and REDACTED. [1]

This 3-month program at REDACTED—officially under the REDACTED format—had a specific goal: to use the digitized material from REDACTED’s archive as secondary sources in the writing of wiki pages about the REDACTED and their cronies. The initiative arises in response to repeated, concerted attempts at historical revisionism on REDACTED-related Wikipedia pages. This suspicious editing activity was flagged by experienced Wikipedia editors and democracy activists in REDACTED. The revisionism coincided with the election of REDACTED, as president of the REDACTED and with the failed vice-presidential campaign of REDACTED, son of REDACTED. Though REDACTED's bid for the vice presidency was ultimately unsuccessful, REDACTED has still expressed his support for the REDACTED heir, raising concerns about the possibility of a larger return of the REDACTED to power. There is a fear that, should any of the REDACTED family members gain larger political traction, one of the first orders of business on their agenda would be to dismantle institutions such as REDACTED and destroy evidence of their historical abuses.

The resulting digitized material of the REDACTED program has been requested from REDACTED in order to safely upload and store it on a server outside of the REDACTED. Students of PZI XPUB will be tasked to construct an archive structure that should safeguard this material, making it difficult to locate and dismantle in case of attempted censorship. Playing upon the idea of a "REDACTED" archive—a swarm or scourge of information that is difficult to exterminate—the idea is to leave behind a fully functional file storage system that may also take into account the following on-the-ground needs for political activists engaged in gathering data. These are, specifically, needs related to fact creation (making original information sources), fact assembly (creation of archives of these sources), and fact retrieval (building of narratives with original sources). These facts refer to politically sensitive topics in which a microminority opposes an authoritarian regime's interests. They are framed here within the biological condition of the REDACTED itself.

Master plan

text, images, pdf (audio)
    \                                            DEV
     `-> mediawiki
            `-> site generator
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ \_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                        `-> static website
                                   |`-> access via Tor
  RELEASE                          \ 
                                    `-> print publication 


Jan 8: Michael

Digital zines I: PDF Custom Publishing Pipelines with commandline

Jan 13: Andre

Prototyping 2020.01.13


Jan 14 + 16: REDACTED + Sami

E D I T O R I A L --- I N T E N S I V E --- O N E --- D A Y 1
E D I T O R I A L --- I N T E N S I V E --- O N E --- D A Y 2

Jan 20 + 21: Mayday Rooms

Jan 22: Michael

Digital zines II: HTML and friends: /Markdown/Pandoc/CSS epub/html (relative links, ereaders) -- digital publishing toolkit... outcome epub + (mini)websites

Jan 27 + 28: OSP + Andre

DAY 1: OSP + Andre : 11h - 18h WH.02.110 (Instruction Room IAS)


Feb 3: Andre

Semantically structured wiki

  • Semantic Mediawiki or Cargo
  • Set and structure MW
  • Forms + templates: how to create
  • Upload Files via API
  • Query Files, based on Semantic structures


Workshop on disinformation, activism in the REDACTED context. With guest audio lectures by investigative journalist REDACTED and REDACTED archive director REDACTED.

Feb 5: Michael

Creating (static) indexes: Python + whoosh for search (maybe using facets to produce two-level index listings?) Concordances, Historical (and contemporary indexes) -- tools for making indexes. (Static sites I) ... work on pdfs from week 1 (and eventually materials from special issue)

Feb 7 (?): REDACTED Panel Discussion

Possibly on Feb 7 Friday, initially planned on Feb 6 Thursday. Dates TBC

Feb 10 + 11: REDACTED + Sami

Editorial Intensive 2: Day 1
Editorial Intensive 2: Day 2

March 2 + 3: OSP + Andre

DAY 1: OSP + Andre

March 4: Michael

Compiling static sites: Working with the MediaWiki API + Python ... (html5lib, link absolutizing / relativizing)

March 16: Andre

March 17 + ?: REDACTED + Sami

Editorial Intensive 3: Day 1
Editorial Intensive 3: Day 2 Optional 2nd day---March 20 Fri (TBD)

March 18: Michael

Active Archives: using media to activate / cross reference / embody an archive

March 18: REDACTED

Production meeting, tutorials

March 30: Andre

March 31: Sami

Editorial meeting, tutorials

1 April: OSP + Michael


  1. SIDE NOTE: REDACTED press was a pejorative term used by REDACTED, REDACTED, to refer to the illegal freedom presses that emerged during the period of REDACTED when press freedom was curtailed. These publications, which reported on the violent and corrupt abuses of the REDACTED regime, were likened to REDACTED because they were supposedly pesky and full of rumorology--all buzz. The term was taken on by these freedom publishers with some level of pride. REDACTED draw blood, can infect and neutralize the host, and cannot be exterminated.

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