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Altered machineries for cinema and other creative industries

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Thematic seminar by Florian Cramer, with guest teaching by Aymeric Mansoux. In collaboration with the applied research center Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam. April 10th – June 26th, 2012.


Within the arts and media, the industry paradigm has been strongest and most developed in cinema, for technological and economic reasons. Yet we live in contradictory times: On the one hand, policymakers – particularly in this country – want the notion of creative industries to supersede the established notions of arts and media. On the other hand, the industry paradigm is shaken by contemporary shifts in the so-called “creative” sector: globalized labor and informal, temporary project-oriented networks replacing bureaus and studios, and last not least the means of (media) production that have become consumer/prosumer technology. In cinema, this development is very recent and disruptive: The factory is in a crisis, aside from always having been challenged and revised – on smaller levels – by the DIY, underground, hacker and porn fringes of cultural production.

If former fringe modes of production shape today's creative industries, what is replacing the factory? Other kinds of factories, like those of Andy Warhol, or – recently – Michel Gondry, or those in Silicon Valley and Lagos instead of Hollywood? What are the hidden machineries and formulas of alternative production methods? If we reset the machinery, literally and metaphorically, will it just return to its default values?


  • Magic Lanterns & Personal Views: DSLR cinema & camera hacking
  • Be Kind Rewind: Michel Gondry's Home Movie Factory and other participatory formulas
  • Screen tests: the Warhol Factory, underground film, film co-ops, video activism, DIY Labs
  • Poetics of fan fiction: machinima, game mods, Star Wars Uncut.
  • No budget creative industries: situationist film, dub music, exploitation films, Nollywood

These will be cross-examined with two areas of reading and research:

  • Poetics of participation: Oulipo constraints, narratologies, handbooks and other formulas
  • The discourse of the creative industries: Adorno/Horkheimer, Richard Florida, Chuck Kleinhans, Topteam Creatieve Industrie Nederland

Requirements for obtaining credits

  • full attendance of the project, active participation in discussions;
  • a reading journal on the course Wiki with at least five entries, each on one text/film/media project discussed in the seminar;
  • the design and working prototype of a 'factory' – a system, medium or methodology that helps others create an (artistic) product while reflecting upon its own constraints.
  • the Trimester Project report completed for your work.

reading, viewing and listening material


  • Halaw/Ways of the Sea (Malaysia 2010, Sheron Dayoc) – if available
  • Mario Banana (USA 1964, Andy Warhol)
  • Be Kind Rewind (USA 2008, Michel Gondry)
  • La Jetée (France 1962, Chris Marker)
  • Can dialectics break bricks? (France 1973, René Vienet)
  • Star Wars Uncut (world-wide, 2012, collective)
  • Igodo 1 (Nigeria, 1999, Andy Amenechi & Don Pedro Obaseki)
  • films by Jess Franco (suggestions: Downtown – die nackten Puppen der Unterwelt, 1975; White Cannibal Queen, 1980; Diamonds of Kilimandjaro, 1983; Faceless, 1988)
  • films by Andy Milligan (suggestions: Torture Dungeon, 1970, Gutter Trash, 1969)
  • web tv series “The Scene” http://www.welcometothescene.com
  • Minecraft machinima, 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIhs8_m5qPc
  • Straight 8 (UK/world-wide, 2008-2012): One Super 8 cartridge, no editing: http://www.straight8.net


  • Baku: Symphony of Sirens (Arseny Avraamov, USSR 1922/RecRec Megacorp UK 2009)
  • recordings by The Scratch Orchestra/Cornelius Cardew, http://www.ubu.com/sound/scratch.html
  • Lee Perry, Kung fu meets the Dragon (Jamaica, 1975);
  • Big Gundown: Reggae Inspired By Spagetti Western (compilation 2004);
  • Scientists' themed dub releases: Scientists meets the Space Invaders (1981), Scientist Encounters Pac-Man At Channel One (1994), Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires (1981))




Florian Cramer is an applied research professor ('lector') for the impact of new media on the profession of artists and designers at the applied research center Creating 010 at Hogeschool Rotterdam.

He studied Comparative Literature and Art History at Freie Universität Berlin, Universität Konstanz and University of Massachusetts at Amherst, obtained his M.A. degree in 1998 and doctorate in 2006. From 1999 to 2004, he was a junior faculty teacher at Peter Szondi-Institut for Comparative Literature at Freie Universität Berlin, in 2004, a guest researcher at Piet Zwart Institute, from 2006 to 2010, course director of the Master programme Media Design & Communication, since 2008 reader/applied research professor, since 2011, programme director of the new research center Creating 010 of Hogeschool Rotterdam, and a board member of Stichting WORM, Rotterdam.

Since 1996, he has been a critical writer on literature, arts and media. His most recent longer publication is the book Exe.cut[up]able statements. Poetische Kalküle und Phantasmen des selbstausführenden Texts, Wilhelm Fink, 2011. In practical projects, he has collaborated among others with Stewart Home, mez breeze, Alan Sondheim, Sebastian Luetgert, Eva & Franco Mattes, Cornelia Sollfrank, Istvan Kantor, Coolhaven, Wilhelm Hein & Annette Frick. He is both an amateur computer programmer and an amateur filmmaker.


The Thematic Seminar takes place on Tuesdays from 11:00 to 17:00 in the large project space at Piet Zwart Institute, Karel Doormanhof 45

April 10

  • 11:00 Introduction, brainstorming and discussion of the Thematic Seminar
  • 14:00 Film: Be Kind Rewind & discussion

April 17

  • 11:00 Reading: Michel Gondry, You'll Like This Film Because You're In It
  • 14:00 visit of Roodkapje, discussion with Aline Yntema about the Home Movie Factory project
  • 16:00 camera hacking roundtable

April 24

  • 11:00 Reading: Oulipo Compendium (selections) & Propp, Morphology of the Folktale
  • 14:00 discussion with Paolo Davanzo & Lisa Marr and Esther Urlus over community filmmaking (to be confirmed)
  • 15:30 selected Straight 8 films, discussion

(May 1: May break)

May 8

  • 11:00 Reading: Theodor W. Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Dialectics of Enlightenment, chapter The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception.
  • 14:00 film: Andy Warhol, Mario Banana; discussion
  • 15:30 The culture industry of Jamaican dub (Aymeric)

May 15

  • 11:00 Reading: Richard Florida, The Rise of the Creative Class
  • 14:00 project sketches: factories
  • 15:30 film: Star Wars Uncut (excerpts), selected machinima, discussion

May 22

  • 11:00 Reading: Chuck Kleinhans, Creative Industries and the Cold Hard Facts of Global Capitalism
  • 14:00 Film presentations: Jess Franco, Nollywood, Andy Milligan, The Scene

May 29

  • 11:00 Reading: Advies Topteam Creatieve Industrie
  • 14:00 camera hacking & DSLR cinema revisited; Radical Software

June 5

Project development / support day

June 12: tutorials with Aymeric


  • Ask WORM ground floor map
  • Exhibition map/flyer
  • bar
  1. Paint Factory
  2. Data Factory
  3. Train of Knowledge Factory
  4. Director's Cut Factory (could be moved to a better place to project - needs sound and visual)
  5. Leisure Factory
  6. Musical factory (laptop presentation at table) (it's my factory and I'll shout if I want to)
  7. Colour Tests Factory(needs a wall or a table)
  • back (will be dark)
  1. Identity Factory
  2. Human Constraints Factory
  3. 3D Stock Factory
  • backstage
  1. Assembly Mine Factory can be moved to bar if Dennis shouts
  • toilets
  • entrance with photocopy machine
  1. Sustainable Publishing Factory

  • To be moved
  1. Dissolute Image Factory
  2. Music Videos Factory

June 19: 16.00-17.00 Skype session: What needs to be done?

  • DEADLINE: Make sure all the texts are final to go on the website
everyone to paste text & upload image updates here
  • DEADLINE: decide on categories - everyone
  • DEADLINE: finish website - Andre
Eleanor to update site from ppl's additions on wiki
  • TODO: Visit WORM to make final decision on who will be where - everyone
  • TODO: Map of the exhibition (need to ask WORM if existing map) maybe provide a tour or several tracks to browse the space, possibly using same color code as website categories - Marie/Petra
  • TODO: Facebook event - Demet
event done
group to update text & send to demet
  • DEADLINE: final press release text
  • TODO: Send press release to local/regional newspapers/tv/radio/etc - Marie/Petra
  • TODO: documentation team (photo, video) - Demet's partner? - Janis
  • TODO: "Beer Now" coupons - Marie/Petra

June 25: Pre-assessment of projects

June 26: contingency / propaganda / support / feedback

June 30: Public project presentation at WORM

9:00 Building up 12:00 Presentations / installations 18:00 Take-down

Student reading journals

Mano Daniel Szollosi
lucian wester
Dave Research

Creative Now! (show)

14 prototypes for creative industry factories


De Creatieve Industrie is één van de snelst groeiende sectoren van de Nederlandse economie. Naast de initiële creatie – het creëren van vorm, betekenis of symbolische waarde – is in deze topsector de kern van de activiteiten ook de manier waarop zij die activiteiten vormgeven: het creatieve innovatieproces. Als topsector gaat het om bedrijven die hun bestaansreden vinden in creativiteit, innovatie en ondernemerschap.

De masteropleiding Media Design van het Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam presenteert 14 prototypes van fabrieken voor de productie van film, beeld, sociale netwerken en design voor het verstrekken van inspiratie en investeringsmogelijkheden voor alle bezoekers.


The creative industries are among the fast growing sectors of the Dutch economy. Aside from the creation of form, meaning or symbolic value, the core activities in this top sector concern the way in which these very activities are being designed - the creative innovation process. This top sector revolves around companies that are founded upon creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Media Design Masters program of the Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academie Hogeschool Rotterdam presents 14 prototypes of factories for the production of film, images, social networks and design, providing inspiration and investment opportunities for all visitors.



  • Factory poetics: assembly line, morphology, formula, protocol, collective, community, constraint, automatic, robotic
  • Contemporary creative industries: identity, co-creation, sustainability, innovation, media, leisure, creative, mobility, well-being, het nieuwe werken, happiness, smart, capital, valorization, entertainment, crowdsourcing, creative
  • In between the two: art, capitalism

Random generator

Creative Industries buzzword generator


creative constraints / human constraints / creative identity / innovative formula / formulaic happiness / innovative community / community innovation / smart communities / constrained co-creation / creative capitalism / creative capital / creative valorization / assembly line co-creation / co-creative assembly lines / co-creative protocol / leisure protocol / leisure formula / happiness protocol / smart mobility / collective mobility / smart collectives / smart communities / automatic creativity / protocol machine / robotic valorization / automatic leisure / formulaic identity / mobile identity / identity mobility / identity fashion / introspective media / crowdsourced precarity

Favorite combinations
  • Smart Communities
  • Creative Capital
  • Automatic/Automated Leisure
  • Identity Mobility
  • Crowdsourced Precarity

14 factories


buzzword generator: http://permutations.pleintekst.nl/ci_next.cgi

...with links to individual project pages: Put list of equipment needed next to yr project:

Category:Crowdsourced Precarity

  1. Paint Factory
  2. Data Factory
  3. Dissolute Image Factory
  4. Sustainable Publishing Factory
  5. Leisure Factory (EQUIPMENT: screen + DVD player + heaphones if available)

Category: Identity Mobility

  1. Train of Knowledge Factory
  2. Identity Factory

Category: Automatic Leisure

  1. Musical factory
  2. 3D Stock Factory
  3. Director's Cut Factory
  4. Assembly Mine Factory
  5. Human Constraints Factory

Category: Need choosing category

  1. Colour Tests Factory

Corporate Identity concepts/ideas/options:

  1. Dennislogo01.png
  2. Marielogo01.jpg
  3. Marielogo02.jpg


  1. Creative now.jpg


webiste work page


exhibition statement

press release


Who needs what?

  • Astrid - beamer - can provide own
  • Eleanor - needs beamer

What Astrid can rent:

  • 3 beamers (2 in use for Demet and Astrid)
  • 4 dvd-players (1 in use by Astrid)
  • 2 screens (both in use by Demet and Astrid)
  • 4 extension cables

All for 75euro!

  • Bart - Headphones
  • Astrid - 2 Headphones


  • can buy drink tickets (for worm's purchase price): ??
  • how many tickets we want? (let worm know about it ASP)
  • Drinks: beer, wine , juices; Something else?

To Do 19June

  1. website - final factories content - Deadline 22June [Eleanor / Andre]
  2. buttons [Marie] - ask Florian for budget
  3. map-flyer [Dennis / Astrid / Javi] - need map from Worm; printing BW at PZI;
  4. facebook page:[Demet / everyone]; everyone an admin; images: andre: will add a new circles buzz-word every day
  5. press-release - Marie: pdf
  6. everyone: shout below if you need help with equipment
  7. drink's systems: Dave;
  8. Documenting: Demet's partner, Janis
  9. Venue Hire Melbourne
  10. Live Music Venue in Melbourne