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Identity Factory

Main title

Hacking Identity


Identity Mobility

Short Description

Change your name,
Change your appearance,


The project started out with the ambition to stand against factories and systematic controls. However to become entirely free of systems and their control is almost impossible.
How can we become less systematic, more random? How can we get out of our own system? Hack our system, ourselves, our system of identity, our labels? How much of our identity is related to our appearance?
With these questions in mind, I embarked a journey in which I divorced myself from my own identity, wore somebody else’s shoes and faced the everyday world through somebody else’s eyes.
During the exhibition I will be sharing the recordings of being someone else.

The recording of this social experiment will be projected with a DIY zone.


  • 2 projectors
  • A mirror
  • A large cardboard or large piece of white cloth