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Data Factory


Crowdsourced Precarity / Smart Communities

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A learners' guide to e-marketing, for marketeers and consumers. Based on various case studies we will help you grasp and navigate through the tumultuous seas of online marketing.

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This project will try to shade light into the system user data economy in web2.0 and its controversial surrounding issues.

Being services offered by major web2.0 companies such as Google or Facebook free of charge, how is their profit generated? The very simple answer is that the main business of such companies is data, consumers' personal data. Personal users' information, left behind while using web2.0 services allows not only advertisers to target potential costumers with great precision, but also to easily <strick>invade users' private space</strick>. Since such process happen invisibly and without users' awareness, I decided to make a few phone calls in order to find what kinds data are these companies trading. In order to make their life easier, and enhance my user experience, I will also try to provide them with my own personal data.