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Colour Tests Factory

Short Text

A system for making art using colour combinations. Along with instructions who to make Lucian Westers.

Long Text

The works will be three test strokes with six colour gradients pared: yellow/bleu, cyan/red and magenta/green (see image below). Placing the colour photo paper ad an angle to the light source makes these gradients. These works will be accompanied by all the data that was required to make them, such as: all the colour filter information and maybe more test that I made to create these works. With these works I want to explore the possibilities of light in abstract way, but ad the same time I’m exploring the possibilities and impossibilities of the standard mechanically produced photo paper.

I will be working with a color system in the colour darkroom to create new works. And I want to try to document the process of making the works and the system involved to create a kind of code for making real Lucian Westers. This is of course something that is meant to be ironic.

Colour darkroom tests 01.jpg


about 60 euros for sticking the works on dibond