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The Rise of the Creative Class

Why cities without gays and rock bands are losing the economic development race.

By Richard Florida

In the post-modern age the the creative class became the key slice of the society.

In the creative age the creative society is the leading motor of economical growth.

What describes a creative class member is less what field it is working on – it is more identifying that he is creative.

The creative class has something in common: their leisure activities are often overlapse.

Leisure is the second most important pillar in their life ranked after their profession.

Without enough possibilities to satisfy their leisure needs – where from they collect inspiration, release stress and socialize – they become miserable, they are loosing more and more energy, they are not able to recharge mentally. So they are not able to perform in their professions.

The Culture Industry:

Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer

The authors believes that the culture has been industrialized not long after the industrial revolution.

The culture's structure is one huge pyramid – on the top with the tiny elit who has monopolized power over the whole system.

Originally the cultural products tended to feed the consumers need. The authors argue this view: according to the them cultural products are tools of this massive industry to manipulate unconciously.

They see the even the exceptions as part of the the whole system.

The exceptions that are made and distributed are not exceptions from the aspect of the economy – their monopolized economy.

There are exceptions that are not accepted: it is easily observable if an artist is not excepted it gets banned from the market – his existential death will lead his mental death as well.

One of the main social problem could be that the capitalism leads its labor so desperately exhausted phisically and mentally that they do not have left any energia to critical thinking.