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CLICK text

So basically the creative industry of the netherlands wants to be the most creative industry in Europe by 2020 and CLICK is supposed to be the answer to that.
CLICK stands for Creativity, Learning, Innovation, Co-creation, Knowledge.

They're all about this bottom-up networkstructure. Which I think we talked about in the past few weeks in a way. Which I understand is an opposite of the urban planning that we are used to from a government pov. Cascoland is an example of that. A network of artists, architects, designers and performers promoting mobilization, participation and networking through artistic exchange and collaboration.

So it's all about alternative strategies.

What confuses me is that this CLICK thing actually is a governmental initiative, so it would kind of defeat the purpose of these artist networks and collaboratives. Or are these networks really being endorsed and encouraged?

CLICKS intentions seem legit though, about connecting knowledge and creativity with entrepeurs. So companies and artists can collaborate and create this win win situation.

When I read about the CLICK//Networks it almost sounds like a secret society though. Cause they describe it as 5 networks that each have their own researching agendas.

They will basically be the mediators between the artist community and other sectors. They're planning these what they call 'grand challenges'. In which they create these cross-overs between creative disciplines and other topsectors. To share thematic expertise.

Feel free to respond to this.

Musical 2.0 (working title)



to give the opportunity to create (actually express) fantasies
a production of experiences

for instance a musical
a moment in your daily life where you fantasize yourself to be in the moment
a current mood would be key
it thrives to be a therapeutic experience
sort through an emotion

pick a song that complements your state of mind
have your photo taken
pick a background set
get animated

you share the experience. instead of it being just inside your head. you share your fantasy. you show it and it remains personal

What would this look like in a business model. think of one. try to sell it as a product. a therapeutic experience. make it into a product to sell.


how do i let people experience it?
what do i do if i hate factories?

how do i let people experience escapism?
how do i let people escape?
how do i escape?
what is the system of escaping?
what am i escaping?
what are we escaping then?

invitation to escape
leisure society