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Trimester 1

Started September 2018

Book List

Here you can find Andys Book List

Thematic Projects

Focal Camera: Lenticular Experiment

History & practice of the photo-essay & photo book

Self-Directed Research

Commuters of Erasmusbrug

As much as necessary - as less as possible


Image Appropriation (I)

Poor Images, Compression Aesthetics & Glitches

Reading, Writing & Research Methodologies

Project description: What, How and Why

Session Two: Reviewing self-directed research

Session Three: Synopsis of a chapter

Session Four: Image analysis and synopsis continued

Session Five: Comparative Criticism

Trimester 2

Started January 2019

IFFR 2019 Reviews

Reading, Writing & Research Methodologies

Session Six: Logline, Synopsis, Style variation

Session Seven: Line Editing, individual outcome

Session Eight: Narrative Day

Session Nine: Annotated Reader. Part 1 of Draft: Vilém Flusser – Towards a philosophy of photography Annotated Reader: BOARD

Session Ten: Annotated Reader. Part 2 of Draft: Additional text on the Apparatus

THE EYE Researchlabs

Andreas EYE Moodboard

Trimester 3

Started April 2019

Tutorial with Ine and Javi

Reading, Writing & Research Methodologies

Session Eleven: Text on Method

Methods Reading Group: Session One

Session Twelve: Text on Method

Session Thirteen: Text on Method/Homework: Description of film

Thematic Projects

Concept and Practice of VR Filmmaking

Trimester 4

Started September 2019

Graduate Seminar 2019-2020

Session One: Draft
Project Proposal
Project Proposal Second Draft
Project Proposal Third Draft
Project Proposal Fourth Draft
Annotated Bibliography
Thesis Outline
Hack Pact

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