Andreas Poor Images, Compression Aesthetics & Glitches

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After going through various techniques about compression aesthetics and digital glitches we had to glitch Images on our own.


I wanted to let dogs roam around freely on a delicious pizza with tomatoes, pepperoni, mushrooms and cheese. With the help of Avidemux I managed to do that. First I changed the maximum I-frame Interval to 99999999 and afterwards deleted the I-frames. These are stills from the video:

Pizza edit3 edit2.jpeg


Additionally I tried datamoshing with importing files into the audio processing software Audacity.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 16.43.02.png

I imported a bmp-file as raw data, then added effects like Invert, Reverb, Reverse, Wahwah, Compressor and Echo on the „sound waves“ and exported it as a uncompressed, raw bmp file again. Here are the results: