Concept and Practice of VR Filmmaking

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Introduction to VR, AR and 360° Cameras

Cem and Ugo diving into the VR-World

We have been introduced to the theme of the assignment, Virtual Reality, 360 degree video and the available tools. This made us familiar with the basic process of recording and viewing a 360 degree video.

Introduction to Tilt Brush

Mia exploring her virtual exhibition space

We explored the language of 360 degree video by reusing a 2D image in 360 and back.

Collective Film with 360° Film presented in VR-Glasses

We made a horror movie combining footage from the 360 camera as well as creating a landscape in Tilt Brush. The film itself then was watchable on the htc Vive.

Black Lodge Twin Peaks 02.gif

Here is a small making-of with the DIY-Rig for the 360 camera


Examples of 360 videos we watched:

More interesting projects: