Mentor Seminar

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Lens-Based Mentor Seminar 2023-24

Aim of Mentor Seminar:

to encourage ongoing research into the final project; to support the students in their work toward a graduation project. To set up a consistent work flow for graduation project research which can be regularly peer reviewed.

Structure and method of Mentor Seminar:

Bi-weekly seminar in which the mentor meets with the small student group (6 max); discusses self directed research (work on the final project); achievable aims are set at the end of each session and reviewed in the subsequent session.

Frequency of Mentor Seminar:

the rhythm runs 1 week GRS, 1 week Mentor Seminar &c.

Liaison with Graduate Research Seminar: At the beginning of the year, and at strategic points thereafter, the MS tutors meet with the GRS tutors to discuss how the two seminars can cooperate. Progress and workflow of individuals and groups is reviewed.


Ine and Rossella

Nina, Clara, Arabella, Luni, and Yalou

David and Cihad

Claudio, Aitana, Muyang, Sara, and Nosh

Sabine and Barend

leva, Te, Lau, Sam, and Anni


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