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MMD&C Student Archive

The XPUB & LB staff wants you to present your work in a standalone and archivable mode, independent from the wiki or any other medium.

In all assessments credits are given for the delivery of your work, in a standalone and archivable manner, not solely for its presentation.

Where What and How to Archive

Where: -> Office365 -> OneDrive

The archiving is done in MyWDKA OneDrive. You can get to it, by:

  • logging in to MyWdKA
  • under Tools click Office365
    In MyWDKA click Office365
  • in Office365 click on OneDrive
    in Office365 click on OneDrive
  • in OneDrive, on the left menu click WdKA-Xpub-LB
    in OneDrive, on the left menu click WdKA-Xpub-LB
  • you then will see a folder called WdKA-Xpub-LB. Congratulations, you reached the archive
    folder called WdKA-Xpub-LB

Note: for you to be able to add files to archive the XPUB/LB staff will have to invite you. Check your HRO email account, the invitation should be there, if not ask the staff for it.

folder structure

There is a folder structure to the archive. You have to navigate in order to get to your classes' year, program (XPUB or LB), trimester, Module (there will be at least 2), and your folder (will have your name), WDKA & PZI folders.

Note: for info on WDKA & PZI folders see the next section on Media of Your Work

The folder structure is the following:

  • LB-XPUB-Archive
    • MFAD_trim1-6_Student_Work_Archive_YEAR
      • Program name
        • Module code
          • Module tutor(s)' name
            • Student name 1
                • PZI
                • WDKA
            • Student name 2
                • PZI
                • WDKA
            • ...

As an example let's take class:2019-2021 , program:XPUB, trimester:2, modules:Self-directed Research & Reading, Writing, student:Anna

  • LB-XPUB-Archive
    • MFAD_trim1-6_Student_Work_Archive_2017-2019
    • MFAD_trim1-6_Student_Work_Archive_2018-2020
    • MFAD_trim1-6_Student_Work_Archive_2019-2021
      • LB
      • XPUB
        • WDK12M-MAM-V1_49114_99-MMDV_XPUB_trim2_2019-2021
          • MDCSDR02_XPUB_Self-directed Research_2019-2021
            • Aymeric, Clara, Michael, Steve
              • Anna
          • MDCRWR02_XPUB_Reading, Writing and Research Methods_2019-2021
            • Rushton, Steve
              • Anna
                • PZI
                • WDKA

What: Media of your work

Depending on the medium you choose to document your work you will:
  • create 2 folders, named respectively PZI and WdKA
  • use these 2 to store the documentation of your work - according to the limitations described in the board below.
Note: The medium you choose to document your work does not have to be the same medium of the work. Say you do a performance, in order to document it you can choose to use photographs or video (2D), an audio recording of the event, or a text.

The following table determines the requirements and limits of the documentation you need to deliver, in any of the following media

Medium For WdKA / PZI
At least 1 image
Format: jpg
What best documents the work
Format: mp3
Samples from the code output
and a pdf from the wikipage where you documented that work - in screenshots(see 2D requirements)
video (see Video requirements)
PDF (max 2 pdfs) of text or wikipage.
NO .txt .rtg .doc. odt ... ONLY PDF!
Size: <2Mb
8 screenshots
Format: jpg
Size: 2Mb
(you can use the app skreenics for generating your screenshots)

Full-length export of the video

Encoder: h264 (for 1080 -> target bitrate: 10 Mbps, Maximum bitrate: 20 Mbps)

Semester 6 - Graduation

The last (graduation) semester's documentation is archived in the archiving machine, under the MMD&C_trim6_Student_Work_Achrive_2013-2015 folder, organized into 3 child folders:

  • MDCGPS06_Graduate Project Seminar_2013-2015 archives the project process.
  • MDCGRS06_Graduate Research Seminar_2013-2015 archives the Thesis
  • MDCSDR06_Self-directed Research_2013-2015 archives the final project, including the gradshow.

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