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In order to create the pages for the offline and online graduation catalog, we have been using template wiki pages (or forms).

The wiki pages are converted onto web-pages and page layouts. Resulting in layouts more interesting than the wiki.

The advantage of this systems is the coherence and similar structure it provides to each project. As well as the possibility for the graduation webpage to be continuously updated. It also creates a stable and coherent archive of graduation projects

Previous years



Create a page for your Graduation work

To create a Graduation_work page

  1. visit: Form:Graduation_work
  2. Fill in the field with the title of your graduation work (you can change the title at any point, to do it see below How to change Graduation work title?) and click "Create or Edit".
    1. You'll be prompted to the page of you graduation work, in edit mode, and with a GUI.
  3. Fill in the fields (you can change it anytime, see bellow Edit you Graduation_work page with the GUI).
  • Creator, Date, Thumbnail fields cannot be left blank.
  • Date: the year of your Graduation show.
  • Thumbnail: an image representative of your work,
    • stored in the wiki,
    • in landscape mode,
    • with a 4:3 ratio,
    • between 500 and 1000px wide. Examples: 500x375px, 700x525px, 1000x750px
  • Bio: A short biography (50word max.)
  • Description: short text (100word max.)(Wiki syntax allowed, except headings = heading =)
  • Website: full url required
  • Catalog-Text content that will appear only on print catalog. Content can be: text (wiki syntax and headings allowed), images
  • Free Text: extended description of the Graduation work. Content can be: text (wiki syntax and headings allowed), images, videos (see Include youtube/vimeo videos section).

Include youtube/vimeo videos

Youtube or Vimeo videos can be embedded in the 'Description' or 'Extra' section of your Graduation Work page.

To embed them use the following syntax:



XEVlyP4_11M is the video ID from

44977056 is the video ID from

Here is the result:

Change Graduation work title?

On you graduation work page, next to the Search box, you have drop-down menu called "More". Open it and click Move. You'll be sent to a page where you'll be asked to give the page a new name. Keeping the (Main) namespace fill your Graduation work's definite name and click "Move Page". If a page with the same name doesn't exist, you should be done.

Edit you Graduation_work page with a GUI

If you want to re-edit the content of your page using the Forms GUI, an not having to deal with mediawiki tables, as when you simply to Edit on you graduation_work page, you can visit Form:Graduation_work and enter the name of your graduation work page, click "Create or Edit".

Useful Links

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