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Niek Hilkmann, Trimester 3, 2013


What's up

Much like during the previous trimester I have not participated as much in any coding related parts of the course as I could have done. As such, I don't have any particular project to show that obviously originated from these lectures. This does not mean however, that I did not attend these meetings. I went to most of them and processed the concepts and methods that were presented there in my own way. As previously discussed, I am not particularly interested in producing coding- or web-related art, but I incorporate both in projects that occur in a social and public sphere. When I organize events or produce a piece, there is always a documentation of this which adresses specific attributes of the medium . I consider the movie that I recorded on VHS during a one month residency in Leiden as a lens based work with a strong emphasis on its medium. As such, I'd like to propose Damien Hirst - Marooned On A Desert Island for this part of the course. The implications of using analogue media is after all a subject we discussed.


Damien Hirst - Marooned On A Desert Island

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Analogue Browser



The thematic project by Florian Cramer took up a lot of our attention during the last trimester and rightfully so. Not only is the subject of creative industry something very relevant within my 'self-obsessed' practice, but the project was also well-structured and mindfully strived towards the final presentation at WORM. All the members of our year worked together on this event and each put in his or her few nickels to make it an interesting endeavor. Besides this group work, we had our own private projects to attend to for the WORM presentation. I traveled further along the course I set out with in the Tip Top Orchestra. Under the title Tip Top Education I developed an elementary school teaching module about 'avant-garde' music. You can read all about this and the future of the project on its wiki page.


Tip Top Education

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Creative Industries

Self Directed Research


Like last time, there was a lot of self directed research and projects going on at my figurative department. After the confusion of the second trimester I fell back on track with Steve Rushton's Methodology classes. It should be said though, that due to some sincere confusion I misinterpreted our first assignment and started writing a sort of essay Directed Research Essay from which it was still possible to distill some sort of artistic ethos, but it was not as clearly formulated as it could have been. We had some fun with the writing machines though. They delivered exactly the Babylonian disturbance one had hoped for.

On a side note though, I was not able to finish to a sufficient archiving project with Demet, partly because of disturbances in our schedules and political conflicts, partly because of personal confusion with the project and a busy schedule focusing on other subjects. I hope my own documentation is convincing enough to fill this gap.

Besides these classical methodological endeavors, I continued exploring pre-defined conceptualism, such as I had done with the Tip Top Orchestra. This concept returns within Tip Top Education and Damien Hirst - Marooned On A Desert Island as well. Thus, it becomes more clear what course I will take during my final project next year.


The Tip Top Orchestra

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