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I do not believe that we will stay together forever, but when we will meet again, we might still resemble friends and have a nice time. It is a comforting thought that these sort of forlorn connections continue to exist and are just waiting to be retouched. It's a shame that most of them are connected to a life that I will certainly leave in the end.

These sentences are not a proper quotation. They are a compilation of random phrases I wrote down in a notebook. I do not know why I wrote them or why they are repeated now. As such, they are the perfect start for a formula relating to me. It's pretty disturbing that one can do things without knowing why. Is the artist allowed to follow each urge without having a cognitive justification for it?

This is a question with many answers and none of them will add any further understanding of me or my formula. Not aswering any serious questions, but philosophising about them in a mindless and ecstatic way is the first step to the construction of an original conceptual 'Niek Hilkmann work'. So, let's start:

When one situation relates to another (or even a person) this can evoke a pleasurable or even interesting outcome. For instance, such a situation can be 'doing something new' and it can be in connection to 'me'. This is not necessarily enough in connection to 'another person', because 'me' is not a defined object for this subject. Therefore the question is if the relation between the situation and 'me' needs to be defined and understood by an outsider. When a situation corresponds to another situation without individuality involved it creates a connection that can complete a circle. The connection becomes a complete object in itself. Perhaps this object should also be related to 'someone' to become interesting. For example: Love + Love = LOVE, but Love = Not Love, though Love + Someone can be Art. What the artist perceives should not have an inherent meaning, but should approach the possibility of multiple interpretations.

As such, the artist may or may not follow intuition when creating a work according to my formula as long as he or she can relate to the concept of intuition. By presenting the relation between the object and the perceiver it can become a guided object creating value in itself. This might be a goal, but reaching it is not what we are trying to achieve. Yes, there is something we try to achieve, but it is not a goal in the original meaning of the word. The artist should present it's senseless struggle towards an unachievable goal, confuse the audience and reread its own sentences and approach them with the concept of beauty in the back of the mind.

And then we fall into the abyss where we keep on falling.