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'Damien Hirst - Marooned on a desert island' is a short film recorded on VHS during a one month residency at the Aalmarkt in Leiden hosted by Open|Makers. The movie is inspired by the artwork of Damien Hirst and incorporates his visual language within the context of an amateur film esthetic. Both the iconography and titles of the artworks are directly referred to in the dialogue and the narrative of the movie. The restaging of Hirst's well-known artworks within an amateur environment, has the effect that they are shaken loose from their economic value and ambiguous meaning within the fine art 'world'. As such, the inability of the human race to sufficiently narrate and surpass abstract themes like life, death and love is laid bare. The movie was premiered at the Leiden International Short Film Experience (LIsFE) during an event that specifically focussed on experimental, contemporary VHS Short Films (LIsVHsFE) and was curated by me.


Making Of


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