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In the 21st century, the notion of creative industries has begun to globally replace established notions of arts and culture. Yet the term has a strong 20th century legacy of the classical film, music and mass media industry. This history is by no means simply a corporate history. Artists themselves have created various industries of their own, from Oulipo's literary writing with formal constraints via the Warhol factory to Michel Gondry's Home Movie Factory. In other cases, such as Jamaican dub production, Malcolm McLaren's punk and Jess Franco's b movies, the culture industry product also became experimental. In this Thematic Seminar, we will reconstruct the discourse on creative industries from Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer up to the Dutch TopTeam Creatieve Industrie, investigate the machineries of various creative industries and experiment with our own formulas.


Thursday, 11 April, 13-17

  • Kick-off, brainstorming, planning
  • Film: Banksy, title sequence for the Simpsons
  • Film: Art Safari, The Contemporary Art Bubble (BBC documentary)

15-4 (Monday!)

  • Morning: Sol LeWitt, Instruction-based paintings
  • option: guest lecture Pawel Kruk on his modification of a Sol LeWitt

drawing, guest Skype session Stéphanie Vilayphiou on her work Sol LeWitt 2.0

  • Afternoon: Reading: Nelson Goodman, The Languages of Art, on

autographic and allographic art

  • Reading: Oulipo (rule-based writing), A Primer of Potential Literature
  • Homework: create a formula for one or more of your previous works;


  • Morning: Review of formulas - UPLOAD HERE
  • Michel Gondry, You'll Like This Film Because You're In It (book)
  • Michel Gondry, Be Kind Rewind (film)

8-5 (Wednesday!)

moving seminar to Friday, 17-5, 14-20:00

  • Adorno/Horkheimer, Dialectics of Enlightenment
  • Guest tutorial/lecture with Johannes Kreidler (composer) on his

composition "Outsourcing", "Charts Music" and his work with Microsoft Songsmith

22-5 (Wednesday!)

  • Preassessment of projects

Project Michaela&Nicole









28-5 15.00-18.00 (to be confirmed!)

Project planning: last changes in projects, communication strategy, facility planning

29-5 11.00-18.00

Pre-assessment/critical feedback on project ideas with Steve, Michael, Timo & Leslie

14-6 (Friday!) 11-18

  • Progress report

20-6 11-18

  • Last-minute bugfixing of projects

22-6 (Saturday!)

  • Creative Industries at WORM

Preliminary Project Proposals

Suggestive encouragement - group inspiration

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Welcome to the iFactory!

Links and gems

  • Chinese social app allowed you share your pics with sound. just launched 2 weeks ago.

  • Hito Steyerl Is a Museum a Factory?

  • Stephen Tumino: Pierre Bourdieu as New Global Intellectual for Capital:

  • Tamara Roukaerts: Is Digital Art the Real Thing?:

  • s[edition]: online platform which allows for digital licensing of art:

  • Bizarrely funny article on 'Digital Art' - good inspiration:

  • Hito Steyerl: Freedom from Everything: Freelancers and Mercenaries:

  • Anton Vidokle: Art without Market, Art without Education: Political Economy of Art:

  • Janneke Wesseling, See it Again, Say it Again: The Artist as Researcher:

Introduction to the book:

  • Pascal Gielen, The murmuring of the artistic multitude: global art, memory and post-Fordism:

Chapter 1: 'Art and Post-Fordism' --> coming soon as pdf!

  • Michael Hardt and Antonio Negris 'bible' Empire: (link for full text pdf embedded in bottom)

Chapter 3: 'Passages of Produciton' is particularly relevant for the thematic

  • Wikipedia-entry on Precarity:

  • Conditional Design Manifesto:

  • From Conditional Design / Studio Moniker:

  • Chuck Kleinhans - Creative industries, neoliberal fantasies and teh cold hard facts of global recession: some basic lessons:

  • To Larry from Justin Kemp:

  • A short (danish) article on the 'Painting Factory' - please bear with google translate. Read it here: 'Malerifabrikken'



Proposals for event names

stART up Camp Rotterdam 2013

new connections between businesses, consumers and creatives!

stARTup Camp Rotterdam 2013 is a two-day event where creative startups present themselves to you.

Young media designers and innovators from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences will show and share their ideas for new creative businesses.

You are invited to see and engage with their 9 startups. Give your feedback, exchange ideas and have fun!


On Friday, June 21st at 19:00 the stARTup Camp Rotterdam 2013 creatives will show their startups in Pecha Kucha presentations as guests of the Piet Zwart Institute Media Cabaret in WORM.

The Pecha Kucha format is simple: Each participant presents only two minutes and thirty seconds, while showing ten slides. Think elevator pitch meets slideshow meets speed-dating. That means no long and boring lectures! On the Pecha Kucha night you will see nine short and inspiring presentations.

On Saturday, June 22nd from 12:00-17:00 is the main day of stARTup Camp Rotterdam 2013. Each startup will have a booth on the fair in an informal setting. You are invited to interact and connect!