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Tip Top Education (Now Tip Top Teaching) was my thematic project for this trimester. It concerned an elementary school teaching module for 'groep 3 en 4' (7 to 8 year old children) focussing on traditional avant-garde music and education. The module was produced according to Dutch school regulations, incorporating thoughts on primary teaching targets. It is meant to be taught by a single teacher. It was first tested on groep 3 of Basisschool De Groene Palm. This test-run was recorded and, along with the module itself, became part of the presentation at StARTup Camp.

One of the principal targets of the module is to play with the elitist, preconceived concept of historical avant-garde music and to put this into conflict with the logic and efficiency of a regulated educational system. More important however, was to create an actual working teaching module that gets kids into contact with some broader musical and ideological concepts. I am critical of existing music modules which are offered to schools by subsidized cultural institutions. As such, I see it as my duty to produce a working alternative, one that I would have liked to follow at school all those years ago. That is why I want to broaden this project. At the moment this means that I am going to develop this module into a longer avant-garde course that incorporates other artforms as well. I am also going to look for ways to implement this within existing school trajectories.

The Module

Niek - Tip Top Education Lesmodule.pdf

Little Kids Listening To John Cage

Opvoering Lesmodule Avant-garde - Groep 3

Pecha Kucha Slides

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Pecha Kucha

StARTup Camp 2013

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