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[[Prototyping|About Prototyping]]
== Trimester 3 ==
== Trimester 3 ==
* [[Prototyping 9 April 2013]]
* [[Prototyping 9 April 2013]]

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About Prototyping

Trimester 3

Trimester 2

future topics: more commandline (video, audio, network sniffing) .... command line + mobile / microcontroller ?! motion... spidering/scraping/imagesearch: (could spend more time looking into audio/video basics such as aliasing / sampling rates / compression with things like sox/imagemagick in "encode loops")

Trimester 1

Assignments: Counting in a public space, API

Afternoon: Round of Prototyping/Technical plans (Each student talks over their plans:

  • past experiences,
  • things they'd like to learn,
  • examples of work they find interesting)

Exercise for next week:
Following your "Counting in Public Space" image, make a drawing (using canvas) that uses a loop and one or more variables. Use the examples of putting canvas on the wiki to put your code in the wiki, maybe next to your image.

1 October 2012 From while to for, City/Street/Unit, and the Recursive square