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starting over -- edit with visual editor

espeak hello -w hello.wav
ffmpeg -r 10 -i \[1973\]\ \'Not\ I\'\ \(Samuel\ Beckett\)-M4LDwfKxr-M.webm MOUTH%09d.jpg
rm MOUTH0000*.jpg
sox hello.wav -1 -u -c 1 -r 4000 -t raw rawfile
rm frame*.jpg   ///after the viseo + rm the wav file
///ls -hl
ffmpeg -r 10 -i frame%09d.jpg -i hello.wav -y hello.webm

espeak -f text.txt -w text.wav
//same from sox ....until ...webm for the other video
sudo apt install brew
brew install mlt
ffmpeg -f concat -i <textfile.txt> -c copy -fflags +genpts merged.mp4