Prototyping 8 Jan 2013

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Morning: Kurenniemi


wikipedia:Erkki Kurenniemi

  • IRQ
  • IRC
  • Protocol
  • Pipelines: Creating novel connections between disparate systems
  • Crash test!
  • "Something for free": Example of topic setting / fn like nick rename.


Is a free protocol

  • Not owned by a company (proprietary)
  • Anyone can write/distribute their own servers and/or clients.

A protocol is a social agreement upon a technical standard. A precise description that allows different people to write implementations (code) separately that should be able to interoperate (work together).

Afternoon: Chatbot

Local IRC

Exercise: Chatbot using Python and IRC, a code library released as free software

To use python we will be running our script from the command line.

some sample ideas:

  • reversebot
  • yesbot (agrees with everything *you* say)
  • beavisbot (comments on anything suggestive)