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How terrible it is to love something that death can touch.

1st year


"Each man kills the thing he loves, as the poet-prisoner said. Here's the punishment element, perhaps."

I fumble around with analogue camera's. I know how to knit and I love cooking and sewing. Next to that, I also know how to hang a lamp, paint a room and fix broken things. I mostly read classic English literature and I have some DIY furniture. I love to bind books, silksceen and other things that one would not associate with Interaction Design, in which I hold a bachelor degree. Still projects concerning this amaze me and have my interest. To me, interaction design is the grey area where concept design, new media, printed matter and human habits meet. But in this course I intend to develop my programming skills more, do some hardware modding and get more theoretic backgrounds.

Personal Sites

Thematic Project Portfolio


1st essay

The Notion of the Native

2nd essay


Study Log

Prototyping Updates

Sniff Scrape Crawl


Final Project


External Links

Final Project Documentation

2nd year


Graduation Project


Work Files

  • image scraper
  • image converter
  • association machine
    • slide images (testfile, obsolete -> made working in association machine)
  • send to inkscape file (quartet)
  • print
  • either send to inkscape file (encyclopedia page), or send images+title/imageNames+title to folder and then another script can send to inkscape (this way I also have the data of which images are used most, but what will I do with it?)
  • print (but I can do this manually, or have a script make a pdf first)



Dream Files