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Hi, I am Joca. Here is some stuff I make. Sometimes I post snapshots here.

Looking back at trimester 1

The past few months I got to know XPUB and Rotterdam a little better. I found out that the different parts of the course fit really well different aspects of my own practice: design of interactive products and experiences and writing & editing in the context of journalism and creative writing.

Some of the highlights for me were to be part of a full publication cycle in the context of print, from concept to distribution. Another important point was that the course encouraged me to start with making open source tools more explicitly part of my workflow.

Read more about the things I learned this trimester >>

Self-directed research

  • Exhibiting work at DDW & DXB design weeks -> How to communicate and design the process of making public?
  • Taking inspiration from exhibition publications
  • Learning to work with the Risograph

Next steps

I think that I am at the right place here at XPUB. I enjoyed the focus on interviewing and editing last trimester, but I think it is good to shift the focus a bit in the next special issue. On one hand, by having a tighter integration with the things I learned in prototyping. But also by doing some more writing and analysis, to exercise with writing with a more theoretical character as a preparation for the thesis.

Based on the topic of the next special issue and the plans for RW&RM, I think that the topic of bookscanning offers an excellent space to develop these aspects. At the moment I think about focusing on building the scanner and research on the culture of bookscanning.

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