Install Linux along with Windows

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Install live USB

  • Set- up a live USB with Ubuntu software downloaded from its website
    • Connect to your PC an empty USB stick
      • Download a program (install live USB programms, like Rufus) to make a live USB and open it
    • Select the ubuntu ISO file and follow the steps
    • Disconnect USB stick

Install Ubuntu

    • Search dskm (create and format hard disk partitions) and open it
    • Choose the basic partition and then shrink space (the empty space will be used for the ubuntu)

    • Restart and press the button for entering the BIOS menu of your PC (depends on the model) before it opens
    • Connect the USB to the PC
    • Select secure boot and disable
    • Save and exit
    • Press the button for the boot menu (depends of the model)
    • Select the USB
    • Try Ubuntu without installing
    • Choose install Ubuntu from your desktop
    • Follow the steps
      • Install third-party software
      • Install Ubuntu alongside Windows boot manager
      • Continue and fill in the information
      • When finished restart
      • Every time you start-up you can change ubuntu to windows option